Be our guest, scroll the page and find a list with a brief description and link to the website of incubators, accelerators, innovation hubs, makerspaces, fablabs and coworking spaces in Milano. Pick the ones that will help you to position at best in your Milanese business life.

Incubators, accelerators and innovation hubs

Milan has a great variety of incubators, accelerators and innovation hubs, many of which are recognized internationally.


Polihub was awarded as the 3rd university incubator in the world in the UBI Global World Top University Business Incubator Rankings 2019-2020. 


The Fashion Technology Accelerator, in 2018, has been selected by Hatcher + as their global partner to invest in fashion technology startups.


Fin+Tech, the new accelerator dedicated to startups that develop fintech and insurtech solutions and services that boosts Milano innovative ecosystem and supports the most promising international companies looking to set up their business in Italy.

The Bocconi4Innovation Accelerator, built on the unique experience, know-how and legacy of their business school, ranked 6th worldwide for Business & Finance, aims at promoting entrepreneurial culture, encouraging and supporting innovative startups, and developing innovation within companies.


The international attractiveness of the Milanese ecosystem brought Plug&Play, the biggest startups’ accelerator in the world, to open a branch in Milan.


Digital Magics is another relevant player since it  has created  an important national platform for innovation of “digital made in Italy”, in partnership with Talent Garden and Tamburi Investment Partners


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Coworking spaces

In the Milano startup ecosystem there are more than 100 coworking spaces. Copernico, Talent Garden and Impact Hub Milano are among the most relevant ones - in terms of size and international presence.


Copernico, has four co-working spaces, with more than 1,300 members and 280 companies. It offers a full-range digital ecosystem: from web marketing to training, ICT and software houses, and consultancy.


Talent Garden, also known as TAG, it was born in Milan and is now the largest European network of shared workspaces, with a focus on the digital and creative sector.


Impact Hub is the first Italian node of this network and the first centre in Italy dedicated to innovation and social entrepreneurship. Impact Hub Milan manages around 3000 square meters as well as the 650 square meters of FabriQ, the social incubator of the Municipality of Milan.


Cowo with 33 venues, is now the largest network of coworking spaces in Milan. 


The 47 US$ billion worth American coworking space company, We Work, decided to open five branches in the city. 


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Makerspaces and fablabs

Makerspaces and Fablabs are common spaces where you can work together with other people to build objects of various types or carry out your new experimental project. In a Fablab you build what you want in a large shared space, using CNC milling machines, 3D printers, 3D modeling software, etc. Similarly, a Makerspace allows innovators to explore, create new things, or improve already existing projects.


With 12 Makerspaces and Fablabs, Milan ranks first in Italy and among the top ones in Europe for number of laboratories of digital fabrication

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International companies in Milano

The over 5,000 foreign-owned businesses operating in Milano generate a turnover of about € 221 billion - 35% of the total generated by foreign companies in Italy - and employ around 496,000 people.


Many of these multinational companies have decided to open their country or regional headquarters in Milano and their presence is growing rapidly year over year. Life Sciences, Finance, IT, Manufacturing, Food, Design, Logistics are only some of the clusters in which multinationals are betting on the city of Milano. 


Discover the main foreign corporations that decided to set their offices in Milano.