Milan strategy for smart city

Towards a sustainable future

Milano emerges among the main European cities in several areas, such as connectivity (complete ultra-wideband coverage, public wi-fi and 5G), sensor outreach (high level of sensor deployment), payments and smart governance (use of credit cards as travel tickets, contactless payments on public transport, online ticketing for museums and monuments).


The city wants to play also a driving role for the diffusion of EVs, thanks to the simultaneous presence of incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles, a widespread charging infrastructure and the increase of the range of electrified models available.


As a result, Lombardy and Northern Italian regions accounts for the 67 % of the total number of registered electric cars and are equipped with the majority of public and private infrastructures, with an average of 1,500 charging points each.

Milano Smart City Alliance

Milano Smart City Alliance is an initiative promoted by Assolombarda to co-design the city of the future through the development and testing of shared and innovative public-private initiatives.


It concentrates the innovation forces of A2A Smart City, Accenture, ATM, Cisco, Coima, Dassault Systèmes, Enel X, Fastweb, IBM, Siemens, Signify, TIM and Assolombarda to find an effective and innovative approach to the challenges of the coming decades, to build increasingly livable, resilient and sustainable cities, to foster the development of an open and collaborative ecosystem.


Milano Smart City Alliance stands as a new model of urban development based on three pillars: technological innovation, sustainable development and active collaboration between businesses, institutions and all the stakeholders of the city and the territory.