The Residence is the status of a person settled for a medium/long period on Milano and Italian territory. When appointed, the residence is transferred from your city of origin to Milano, and it will be transferred again when you move to another city.

Once Resident in the City,t there are a number of benefits you are eligible to, including some social security, parking permits for residents, the possibility to require the ID Card, the possibility of participating to local referendums and, for EU citizens, to vote on local elections. To be a resident is also a requirement for converting the residence permit from study to work. It is also required in the private sector, subscribe certain banking /credit products.

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The residency application for the Municipality of Milano can be done completely online. Let's see together the procedure.

The information below is meant for international students applying for Residence in Milano, which are both EU and non-EU foreign citizens coming either from abroad or from another municipality. For the general public, download for free the Municipality of Milano guide "Welcome to Milano". 


Where to start:

For applying for Residence, go to the website:

You will find all relevant information in Italian. A translation feature is also available. 

The Municipality of Milano set up an all-digital, fully-tracked application platform, so you can do everything from home.

Choose The link: cambio di residenza per cittadini stranieri provenienti dall'estero o da altro comune italiano. You will land on an application platform and you will be able to register yourself (Registrati). Just provide your personal data and e-mail address, click on the confirmation e-mail and you're done!

Now you can access the application platform with your e-mail and password. The platform is made of several tabs each one with a topic and is context-responsive (according to your answers, it will require the relevant data and documents. You can also save your work for later, so you can gather the needed data and documents and fill the application correctly in batches.  

You can even start filling in the application, save for later, and resume your work later on (e.g. if you have to retrieve or scan more data). Last but not least is some documents and data are not sufficient, the City Registry officers can allow you to integrate the documentation and information through the very same application form, so you don't lose the previous work. 

Documents Needed:

for Residence registration as a student you must present (upload in pdf file) these documents:

(*applies to non-EU citizens **applies to EU citizens) 

  1. identity document (pdf) and tax code (pdf)
  2. permit to stay (if pending renewal, the old permit + receipt of renewal application) (pdf) *
  3. **document attesting the enrollment in the course of study or the certificate of attendance issued by the university (pdf) (or self-certification )
  4. **self-certification of having sufficient economic resources , signed (pdf) 
  5. **Proof of enrolment in the Italian national health system (health card) (pdf). Alternatively, a private health insurance policy certificate is required (duration of not less than one year, proving the coverage of medical and health costs in Italy, written in Italian or translated and legalized by the competent authorities) (pdf)
    If you have the s1 European health coverage form, you should enroll first in the Italian health system and get the health card.
  6. Copy of the rent contract (pdf) If you own a house, provide the data for the property deed. If the contract has been registered to the Revenue Agency, provide registration number, date, and issuing office.
  7. If you are a guest free of charge, Written consent of the landlord to take residence in the building and a copy of his/her document (pdf)
  8. For other types of housing such as residences: the housing structure written endorsement and consent signed by the manager (they have the right to refuse to do it)
  9. Ask the landlord/host for the cadastral data which must be indicated on the form (they usually are included in the rent contract).
  10. If you reside here with family, you can submit a single application for yourself and your spouse (the certificate of marriage translated and legalized is needed, otherwise the partner will be registered as a cohabiting partner until you provide the certificate) and register children as well
  11. If the Student's spouse is a worker or autonomous worker, opens the VAT, he/she can apply for residence as a self-employed person, by attaching the receipt of attribution of the VAT number (in this case, it will not be necessary to fill in the euro 1 form).

At the end of the procedure, print, sign the form, scan it and send it through the platform.


How is my residency application going?

To see the history of your applications and their status you can click on your name and surname on the upper right and on "le mie richieste". Please note that the status of an application here concerns only the application and not the subsequent examination process. For instance, once you complete your application form, you will get a green mark and the status:"Completato" (completed). When an officer revises your documentation and starts the procedure you will see the name of the officer and the word "evasa" (cleared): but, again, this is about your application and not the residence process. 

Once the application has been cleared, the officer in charge will issue you a receipt letter, with a protocol number and a date. The letter, in Italian, states that the documentation has been received and the process of residency has started. The process normally takes 45 days after the date of the letter and it may include more documents checking and a home visit by an officer (Messo Comunale)..Once your application passes all the checks, your resident status will be effective from the date of this confirmation letter.

Getting an Italian ID / Carta d'identità

When the residency process ends successfully, you will be able to book an in-person appointment and apply for an Italian ID. We explain this process on another page.