Tax Code (Codice Fiscale)

The Tax Code (Codice Fiscale) is a 16-character alphanumeric code specific to an individual.

It is required for many purposes in Italy, including working, sending money, signing a lease, opening a bank account, purchasing or renting a car or scooter, signing a utilities contract, healthcare, etc.

We recommend that you apply for your Codice Fiscale at the Italian Consulate in your home country in advance of your arrival in Italy.

Also, some universities in Milano have an agreement with the Italian Revenue Agency (“Agenzia delle Entrate”) to pre-issue the Codice Fiscale before students' arrival.

If you do not obtain the Codice Fiscale while in your home country, once in Italy you can obtain the Codice Fiscale at any office of the Agenzia delle Entrate.

A completely online procedure via e-mail has been set up by all Revenue Agency offices in Milano

Alternatively, if you are applying for a Residence Permit, in the unlikely event you did not get a Codice Fiscale yet, the offices of the Italian National Police (Questura) will assign you a Codice Fiscale at your fingerprinting appointment.

Please consult our booklets for detailed information on the Codice Fiscale release.

Please consult our student booklet, or our Guide for Employed Professionals, for detailed information on the Codice Fiscale release.

See here updated administrative procedures under the current circumstances 

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