Plug and Play - Food Accelerator

Plug and Play is a corporate Open Innovation platform and early-stage Venture Capital. With a no-fee and no-equity model for its 60+ open innovation programs globally, Plug and Play supports corporates in deploying their innovation strategy through collaborations with stage-agnostic startups. The programs envision networking events, mentorship sessions and introductions to international VCs. It has 36,000 startups in its network, 1,000 in its portfolio and partners-up with 500+ corporations worldwide (+120 during the pandemic 2020!).


Plug and Play has chosen Milano to set up its European Food Accelerator program from Silicon Valley in order to connect big corporations to the most disruptive startups on the market and favor their innovation transition. Key partners of the program are Esselunga, Lavazza and Tetra Pak. Plug and Play offers a 3 months stage-agnostic equity and fee-free pilot-driven program. The program runs twice per year and counts up to 15 impressive tech providers.


Its headquarters in Milano focus on the Food and Beverage, Sustainability and Fintech industries. The current Food batch includes tech providers servicing the following areas: retail and analytics, supply chain and manufacturing, packaging and product innovation


Most recently, Plug and Play has launched an e-commerce accelerator with Facebook and has accessed the mobility space, by launching the Motor Valley Accelerator together with the Italian state-owned CDP Venture Capital and CRIT, a research firm.