Registration to the City Registry


The Residence is the status of a person permanently living on the city territory of Milano. Once obtained the  Residence and the Municipal ID Card, there are a number of benefits including the possibility of participation to the local elections.

PLEASE NOTE:  for non-EU students who wish to stay and work in Milano after their studies it is strongly suggested to apply for your residence in Milano as soon as possible and in any case before the student visa expiration date, since it is mandatory before applying for the conversion of your student residence permit into a work permit.


Only for EU Citizens staying for more than 90 days, at least the registration as Temporary Resident at City Registry (Anagrafe) is mandatory.  
Enlisting as Temporary Residents does not change your residence status.

For the latest information about City Registry (Anagrafe) procedures, download our student booklet.  or our Guide for Employed Professionals

See here updated administrative procedures under the current circumstances