Scooter sharing

Milanese, commuters and tourists can use the new scooter sharing service, a fleet of scooters approved for two and with two helmets positioned in the trunk. Most vehicles are electric and therefore 100% eco-friendly, easy to use thanks to the lightness of the vehicle and designed for urban mobility.


Inexpensive, with affordable rates and efficient because it reduces travel time, the service is not restricted to charging stations. It is a free-floating and without keys service: locate the nearest eScooter through the app, book it, go and after use leave it where you want inside the operating area.


This includes the entire centre of Milano: the main areas of interest (Navigli, Città Studi, Lambrate, Morivione, Calvariate, De Angeli, San Siro and Bovisa Polytechnic) and the main university districts including Cattolica, Bocconi, Bovisa, Città Studi/Politecnico and IULM.


For further information about membership and offers, use the following contacts:


Phone: +390225550434


Phone: +390694801836


Zig Zag
Phone: +390687153463


Phone: +390283432432