Milano is not a grey city as someone still says. This sentence, leitmotiv from the 80s, describes booming economy of those past years. Everything happened by necessity: the city needed to become bigger and bigger, host more people and give them a job. Over time some “green maneuvers” have been activated in order to purify air we daily breath, together with operations to embellish architectural scene even though city enlargement.


Clouds - that sometimes intimidate the city - almost never appear in summer sky or in middle-seasons (even if people say they do not exist anymore). Sunday morning or post-job time can be spent in Milano. As well as you can observe upwards Porta Nuova skyscrapers, there are cozy green areas which can be chosen for morning running. Without getting lost among little Sempione Park lakes, 640 North Park hectares or Monte Stella - commonly known as “San Siro little mountain” - if you deeply experience the city there are also little parks which host visitors with elegance. Let’s discover them together.

Guastalla Garden

This garden is a symbol of Renaissance Milano. No green areas in the city are as beautiful as this one, thanks to horse chestnuts planted over there for many years. It is located back to Milano University, just before court zone. The garden hosts a lot of students and many young lawyers during lunches, being a calm and cozy place in the city centre.


It was realized thanks to Ludovica Guastalla Countess, who used it for private parties before, and as nuns' collegium later. In 1939, it was acquired by Milano City Hall that open access for free. Real attraction is the fish pool placed in the heart of the park built in Baroque style. Guastalla Garden is open everyday from 7 AM, but the closing time depends on seasons.

Pope John Paul II Park

It is called “Basilicas park” because “it protects” St. Eustorgio and St. Lawrence. It is hidden between Paleochristian and Renaissance symbols and it keeps a story not so talked-about today. St Lazzarus statue goes almost unnoticed, yet it is placed where an ancient gallows sacrifice wrongdoers. The park is divided in two by Molino delle Armi street, a part of the inner circle attended by car and bikes.


The slice of Park hidden behind St. Eustorgio Church is delimited by a rosetum to be seen and smelled during nice seasons. Just before the Expo, the park was dedicated to Pope John Paul II.

Parco Don Giussani

This green area is attended by sportsmen and sportswomen. On Sunday morning, when the sun rises, rays gently touch the heart of the park and Solari Swimming Pool doors. It is a well-known location of Milano sport, recently renovated and always opened (in August too), that each summer installs beach chairs and umbrellas building a little oasis. To enter the Solarium a ticket is necessary, instead it is possible to enjoy the same atmosphere "for free" just lying down on fresh grass of the park.


Jogging lovers are invited to run along little paths that cross among each others. This is a special green area among Solari, Montevideo, Foppa and Coni Zugna streets - a source of relaxation.  

Parco di Villla Litta

Here, grass is fresh and cured. Affori, even if it is not part of the city centre, is a popular suburb. Villa Litta park is one of the most visited places of the district and it rounds the famous palace that was built in the nineteenth century when it became one of the most attended cultural and literature centres. Walking across the park means to see same trees - maples, poplars, mulberries and horse chestnuts that Alessandro Manzoni and Francesco Hayez enjoyed during their open air chats. The park has a big playground for children, one football and two basketball fields. Moreover there is a one thousand square meters area to leave pets free. 

Villa Scheibler Park

The area where the park is set, once it was one of the most beautiful places of the city - rich in forests and waters, where Ludovico il Moro organized hunting parties. Today, this big green land, is an ideal location for long walks all around. It is placed among Lessona, Anderloni, Otranto, Orsini and Invernizio streets and it is suitable for children’s fun, having two play zones among slides and swings. But there are attractions for adults too: a beautiful flowers square, a fountain in front of Scheibler palace and an arch in the heart of the park which creates a perspective with adjacent buildings. Last refurbishments are useful in order to revitalize the entire suburban area.