Mirror of a city that is growing wealthier year after year, in Milan it is easy to find your Angel Investor and get the financial support you need to set up your business


Hereby we selected some of the most important Angel Investors in Milano. 


Last update July 2019 

Angel Partner Group

Angel Partner Group (APG) is an association of professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and corporates who believe in entrepreneurship and innovation as drivers of economic growth. The association has among its founding members LVenture Group, one of the main venture capitalists in Europe, the only one listed on the MTA of Borsa Italiana.


Type: Angel Network
Email: info@angelpartnergroup.com

Club Digitale

Club Digitale, designed by SiamoSoci, aims at contributing to the growth of digital in Italy, providing the best Startups in the area with the capital needed for business development. Club Digitale acquires shares in the capital of a selection of Startups that are completing a business acceleration process at the project's incubator partners.


Type: Angel Network
Email: team@siamosoci.com

Angels for innovation

The association is born from a group of friends professionally inserted in different contexts of the national and international economy. The final goal is to stimulate research and the development of new business ideas, through capital but also by making skills available.


Type: Angel Network
Email: http://custodidisuccesso.it/

Italian Angels for Biotech

They identify and nurture top talent entrepreneurs in the Life Sciences sector. They lead equity investments to help ideas and start-ups to reach key objectives. The network is comprised by people that have significant experience in the life science sector.


Type: Angel Network
Email: http://www.italianab.it/contact-us/

Italian Angels for Growth (IAG)

IAG offers a network of more than 150 angels investors, working together to achieve what is difficult to achieve as individuals: sharing of experience, circulation of knowledge, better risk management, reduction of due diligence costs and research of opportunities for investment. To be a member an annual fee is asked.


Type: Angel Network
Email: https://www.italianangels.net/contatti/


Siamosoci is an italian network where individuals can approach, in a simple and diversified way, unlisted assets. The meeting between resources and planning takes place through individual campaigns and vertical clubs capable of generating value, employment and entrepreneurship. They also have a platform of equity crowdfunding that enables the startups to collect even more investments


Type: Angel Network
Email: https://mamacrowd.com/section/contatti

Waba Capital

the association main aim is to stimulate the development of “Made in Italy” entrepreneurship and promoting the growth of scalable start-up projects with high innovative and / or technological potential. Indeed, it invests in Italian tech startups, which operat in the sectors of consumer goods, food and beverages, fashion, ICT (Smart Working), healthcare and wearables, travel and tourism, media and entertainment and social economy.


Type: Angel Network
Email: info@wabacapital.com