Ida Marinelli, one of the founders of the Teatro Elfo Puccini, takes us with her along one of her favourite walks, from Via Benedetto Marcello to the area of the Conservatorio, where she loves to lose herself in moments of tranquillity admiring the numerous facades in Liberty style embellishing the streets all around

Via Benedetto Marcello

Let’s start from Via Benedetto Marcello, one of the parallel streets of Corso Buenos Aires quieter and more typical, thanks to the several, multicoloured houses popping along the tree-lined alley rich in gardens and the benches.

It seems incredibile how one of the liveliest shopping streets in the city, where also the Teatro Elfo is located, of which Ida herself is one of the founders, lies just a few blocks away.



Giardini Indro Montanelli

The Gardens of Porta Venezia don’t need any introduction. They are the perfect place to enjoy the wide spaces in the shadow of centuries-old trees.

Inside it is possible to find several institutions where the Milanese spend their free time. Among others, the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale and the Planetario.


Villa Necchi Campiglio


Villa Necchi Campiglio is our next stop.

Ida can’t wait till it will open again and it will be possible to make a guided tour organised by the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano, the Italian Fund for Environment) for limited numbers of participants to admire one of the most beautiful villas in the city, or enjoy the garden, which not only offers a relaxing break by the swimming pool, but also a rich cultivation of camellias and other spectacular plants.


Via del Conservatorio e dintorni

Ida tells us she used to be around this area pretty much, especially at night, when the tranquillity of the empty streets allowed her to admire the liberty-style facades of the surrounding buildings, Casa Campanini being one of the most remarkable ones.