During Christmas, it is special to visit the city walking among the illuminations. However, it takes time to take a tour around all glittering streets. If the hours available are not enough, there is an alternative and green method to experience the shimmer of the most beautiful atmosphere of the year. The tram lines, which pass through the center and reach different corners of the city, give the opportunity to look at Milano under a lot of sparkling lights, hanged between one lamppost and another. Streets are beautiful and luminous, especially Torino street, Piazza Duomo (with La Rinascente glittering windows), Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery and Quadrilateral streets. Moving in other Milano areas, it is possible to encounter Porta Venezia bright streets, Buenos Aires street, Navigli district, Cinque Vie, San Lorenzo Columns, San Gottardo street, Brera, Sarpi, Mac Mahon and Sempione street. Here is a small guide on how to visit the Navigli, Piazza Duomo, Brera, Sempione area and Central Station from the window of two historic Milano trams.

Tram 2

Tram 2 connects Piazzale Negrelli to Piazza Bausan. It is a tram with historic wooden interiors, with shiny and comfortable benches, positioned on the sides of the vehicle. Starting from the southern end of the city, it moves along the Naviglio Grande, following it up to Porta Genova with the chance to see the beautiful lights that reflect on Milano waterway - a very suggestive glimpse. From Porta Genova, passing through via Torino to the Duomo and beyond, crossing Orefici street, Cordusio street, Broletto street, Cusani street and Brera district, the illuminations are magical - in ​​Foro Buonaparte area it is also possible to admire the shimmering Piccolo Teatro during Christmas time. Then the tram continues its path along the road that runs next to the Sempione Park and finally reaches the less central area of ​​the city - where lights never go out.

Tram 10

Tram 10 also connects two areas that are far from each other - from the Darsena to Galvani street and beyond, this is a nice path because it starts from a cult Christmas place - the Darsena - passing through Porta Vercellina, the northern area of ​​Parco Sempione, then it arrives in Chinatown. There, the tram moves along via Procaccini, crossing Piero della Francesca street, Mantegna street and Bramante street. Here it is advisable to go down, take Lomazzo street and then walk along Paolo Sarpi street with your nose in the air and your eyes wide open. The street, under Christmas, is enchanting and it becomes a dazzling island placed in the north part of the city. Going up the tram, you can reach the area near Centrale Stations, passing by the stops in Fabio Filzi street. The illuminated station is a gem. A perfect way to close a long path of light.