Milano by bike - from Darsena to Pavia

A two-wheel trip along Naviglio Pavese

Milano wanted bikes, tour bikes, B and C areas, thus Milano pedals too.

Here it is a path along Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, the way that connects Darsena with suburbs, crossing south Milano big green areas.

From Darsena to Conchetta district

Let’s start from the city “sea” - the renovated Darsena - where it is possible to pedal along “Naviglio pavese” up to Cantalupa area. All bars close to Naviglio skim rapidly together with the image of couples sit next to canal locks ideated by Leonardo.


The way is a cycle tour up to the big intersection between Liguria and Tibaldi streets, afterwards the path continues even if it is opened to traffic - but not so many cars are around, since Alzaia Naviglio Pavese is a quiet way.


Up to Conchetta district, the path is suggested to families with children who want to reach the city biggest parks


From the city centre up to Milano doors, along the path, it is possible to see many famous restaurants and bars from the 60s - ice cream parlors and pubs as well - easy going places with good prices and village atmospheres.

From Chiesa Rossa district to Pavia

Active sportsmen - just the ones who want to pedal more than 1,5km - can continue the way in order to reach Chiesa Rossa district, where it is possible to stop for a nice break at the park, or to get a nice book from the library - built on Roman ruins. 


With considerable trainings, nice weather and the right equipment it is possible to reach Pavia travelling the same cycle path, connected with Assago town.