Are you familiar with the Danish word "hygge"?  

It means to feel a certain feeling: cozy, familiar, quite, beneficial and satisfactory on the long run.

Simple gestures, like lighting up a candle, having a cup of tea, living a moment of contemplation, making something with your hands, having some quality time with friends and family: all of the above can be an expression of an hygge lifestyle.   

Milano is often associated with a frantic and incredibly dynamic lifestyle, very different from the rest of Italy, where long family meals, long hours and a very quiet pace are the distinctive trait of "la dolce vita"

But in town you can live some authentic hygge experiences, especially if you love handmade.

Ta-daan gave us some very cool tips to explore the phisycal and digital hygge places in Milano.


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Fioreria Cuccagna workshops are the best for nature and craft lovers.

The courses are various: from textiles (natural dyieing, embrodery, knitting...), natural cosmetics, interior decorating with flowers and plants, also using the Japanese tecnique of Kintsugi. 


The name itself says it all: this place is ideal for enjoying a Hygge experience.

Recommended for brunch or an afternoon snack, perhaps bringing along your knitting or crochet WIP.


New concept store in the heart of the Navigli district, which collects creations by Italian artisans and where courses and workshops are organized.

The founder is Giulia Lentini who creates fabulous handcrafted jewels inspired by the marine world.


Shared relational work.

Temporary Yarn Bombing installations taking place in many squares of Italy, and also in Milan.

Blankets made up of squares of 50 cm per side, to fight violence against women with knitting / crochet, through a fundraiser and a donation to a local reality in the sector.

Knitting has proved to be a perfect link because it is a very popular and easily learnable, creative method, which reconnects to familiar images in all adults, brings out memories and creates an attitude for meeting and relationships.

Anyone can make their own square in knitting or crochet and actively participate in the next editions.


Giuditta is a pharmacist and lives in Milan with a large family.

Her passions are knitting and crochet, she makes clothes and accessories for children and adults by hand.

The Hygge lifestyle is part of her identy.

Visit Giuditta's website for kits, courses and inspiration on the world of knitting, crochet and embroidery.


Independent bookshop with laboratory in the Isola district of Milan.

Many illustrated books, many dedicated to manual and visual arts, for children and adults.

The courses organized are for adults and include: craft techniques, between analog and digital, visual education and book design.


A space created by creatives for creatives.

Much more than a co-working, Lascia La Scia is a meeting point, a place where small private events, workshops, photo shoots and video shoots are held.

A positive and stimulating atmosphere is the trademark of the venue.