Milano Loves Knitting

A guide for all knitting and crochet lovers in town

Knitting and crochet have never been cooler and Milano is on it. 

If you want to relax, be creative, social and happy, knitting and crochet miught just be your piece of cake. They help with focus and attention span, digital detox, and as a plus, they are extremely versatile and protable. 

In Milano, thanks to the long design and fashion tradition, knitting and crochet are part of the curricula in many universities in town, for example Politecnico and IED. 

Luxury knitting garment brand, such as Missoni, have started their work in Milano, and you can still find a great number of knitting labs that will realize and sell gorgeous garments using precious fibers like alpaca, cashmere or vigogna. 

For every knitter, local or visiting, there are many public spaces that can be the perfect place to work on your project, meet other crafters, or learn new skills.

Finding your knit cafè

In Milano there are many groups that get together to knit together, including Cuore di Maglia, which meets once a month to knit mini hats, socks and doudous for premature babies in the neonatal intensive care units of the Milanese pediatric hospitals. 

Research promoted by the association Gomitolorosa is underway at the Neurology Department in Besta Institute, to prove the benefits of knitting - could be an opportunity to find other people to knit with and, in the meantime, contribute to scientific research.  

Finding a group that is a perfect match for your schedule or age can be however a challenge: if you don't know where to start looking, we suggest to look around in your neighborhood, your social street group - if you don't find a little flock of knitters already formed, surely there will be someone willing to start with you this wooly adventure. 

Just do it - Knit on!

On a park bench, in a cafe, on the tram or on the subway: knitting and crochet can come with you anywhere and are an activity that makes a moment of relaxation more beautiful, they help start a conversation and socialize, but also make boring moments like a queue bearable in a fast paced city like Milano. 

Find your Yarn

In Milano you can find everything, for everyone.

And also with yarn and notions, you can find many shops, with the best international and local brands.

Many shops are offering courses and workshops to learn knitting and crochet basis, new techniques or improve what you already know - often also in English.

Among the most iconic, you can find historic shops such as Canetta (also selling haberdashery) and Lanar (with a in house yarn production), or recently opened but very innovative shops such as Knit, Garde & Cafè Lana di Miele. This are ideal for finding the best materials (and exploring the surrounding neighborhoods, in the meantime).

Knitting and crocheting for charity

We saw it with the spectacular installation of Viva Vittoria in front of the Royal Palace, next to the Duomo: knitting is an incredible charity catalyst. With thousands of knitted squares covering the Piazza, knitters made a clear statement: we love charity!

If you want to knit to help others, you are spoiled for choice.

From little knitted and crocheted hats on fruit juices to raise funds for the elderly alone, to blankets for the homeless, passing through the squares against violence against women, what matters is to start knitting.