Rotonda della Besana

An intresting green oasis in the city

Via Besana, 12

Rotonda della Besana is certainly one of the chicest, historical and architecturally interesting green oasis in Milano. It is a former seventeenth-century cemetery, belonging to the Ospedale Maggiore in Milan. It was a common custom, since the fifteenth century, to build a chapel at the center of the hospital and burial areas, so that the sick and those who took care of them could be equidistant from the 'hinge' of Christianity represented by the altar. In 1700, thanks to a fundraising campaign, the central chapel was converted into a church (the Church of St. Michael the Archangel at the new sepulchres) and in 1719 the whole complex was enclosed by a portico, so as to limit the flow of the waters of the Navigli which, during periods of flooding. 


Today, the circular structure, very close the Tribunal, is a buen retiro for all "milanesi" and contains, inside its portico, a lovely and well-kept lawn, the little church (now deconsecrated) and MUBA, the children's museum.
You can enter from via Besana 12, passing through a high wrought iron gate, and from here, the city closes behind us as if by magic. La Besana is a perfect place for a break in the open air where you can read a good book and do some jogging. But also where you can enjoy the classic aperitivo; in fact, inside the little church there is now the Rotonda Bistro.


Opening times

Opening times:


Rotonda della Besana: from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

MUBA: visit the official website

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Ticket information:

Public transport

Public transport:


9 stop Via Montenero/ Via Spartaco


84, 77 stop Via Besana/ Via Pogdora





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