YesMilano DramaGame

Have fun together and discover our City

Online event on Zoom

Join our virtual treasure hunt to explore our city!

Try not to get lost in the streets of Milano and get to the end of the game safe, and, most of all, collect as much points as possible to win!

To join, alone or with a group of friends, send an e-mail to to get an invitation to the event.

This DramaGame will be on Zoom - after a presentation together, the teams will have private rooms to play. See more details and the rules HERE!

Opening times

Opening times:

4.00 pm Milano Time

Ticket information

Ticket information:

free event

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In collaboration with Dramatrà

Dramatrà brings theatre everywhere but the theatre. Their scriptwriters’ and actors’ emotions and passion are the best way to discover the amazing stories behind places, people and businesses with Irony, culture and smiles.

Dramatized guided tours, spanning through the best places along the City.
Scavenger hunts, where the hunting ground is the City itself.
Home readings, improv shows, kid-friendly shows, Christmas tales, detective games…

Dramatra services are already available in English, French and Spanish. Making it one of the most dynamic realities of cultural entertainment in Milano

How to play

Rules and tips

Once you subscribe, you will recieve an invitation to a Zoom call and a link to the game platform.

Players will be divided in teams, and you can subscribe with other friends to  the game

Game platform Homepage

You will find 2 types of challenges on the homepage

  • ENIGMAS are numbered from 0 to 9, while the 
  • EXTRA TASKS can be accessed by clicking on their button on the bottom of the page.
  • Once you've read the RULES, start by clicking on the number ZERO (homepage), to find out how each challenge will work. Once completed mission 0, you can proceed with the others in any order you choose (you can also do extra tasks whenever during the game, there's no given order).
  • All passwords are to be written in lowercase and are either a single word or a number. Be careful to automatic uppercase on some devices :)

Before you start

  • Quality is better than quantity: each completed mission will give you up to 10 points, depending on how much effort you put in the assignments. You can keep track of the STANDINGS by clicking on the button at the bottom of the homepage.
  • The game platform s best viewed vertically on a smartphone, but you can also play on a computer and have your captain share the screen on your videochat (each team can upload just once for each challenge).


  • Pictures and videos shot directly from the gaming platform usually DON'T get saved on your device, so if you want to be sure to have them saved, shoot them with your camera outside of the website, then upload them from the gallery. You will be required to scrreenshot from your computer/device. Take some time to learn how to do that.

Who wins? 

  • Whoever scores most points (regardless of timing and speed) is going to win this!

Have fun!

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