Welcome! Tax Code and SPID Days for New Students

In person at the Chamber of Commerce Salon

from 9.15am to 12pm - Chamber of Commerce Salon
via Meravigli 11/a

All incoming international students in Milano who don't have a tax code can get a warm welcome, their Tax code, and SPID on the spot!

How: Register to our Student Community, choose your slot, and show up on the day of your appointment.

Where: The salon of the Chamber of Commerce - via Meravigli, 11/a.

Just sign up on the One Stop Shop booking tool

Please note: if you already have a tax code and just need the SPID, book here!

The service comes at no cost to students.

In collaboration with the Italian Revenue Agency and the Chamber of commerce of Milano Monza Brianza Lodi 



Opening times

Opening times:


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Public transport

Public transport:

M1 Cordusio

M2 Cadorna

M3 Duomo

TRAM 19 2 3 Cordusio, 15 Piazza Fontana, 4 Castello.






Steps to get your Tax Code and SPID

  1. Sign up and take an appointment for the set days on the One Stop Shop booking tool
  2. Make a photocopy of your passport personal data page (and visa page, if applicable). For EU ID: photocopy front and rear
  3. Fill in and print out the application form for the tax code (or print it out and fill it in by hand) as explained below. 
  4. Important: sign the application form by hand with a pen!
  5. On the day of your appointment: show up on your appointment at the Chamber of Commerce Salon in via Meravigli 11/a (better 10 minutes in advance). Make sure to bring with you: 
  • the original valid Passport / EU ID, 
  • the photocopy of your passport personal data page, and the visa page (if applicable),
  • the application form, printed and signed by hand.
  1. Check in with the YesMilano Team at the entrance and follow our instructions. 
  2. A Revenue Agency officer will see you and release a Tax Code Certificate.
  3. Refer back to the YesMilano staff to get a call number and instructions to get your SPID credentials immediately after.

About the tax code

The Tax Code / Codice Fiscale is a 16-character alphanumeric code specific to an individual.

It is required for quite everything in Italy, including working, sending money, signing a lease, opening a bank account, purchasing or renting a car or scooter, signing a utility contract, healthcare, etc.

You can obtain the Tax Code / Codice Fiscale in advance of your arrival in Italy, from the Italian Consulate in your home country or while in Italy from the Revenue Agency / Agenzia delle Entrate.

About SPID

SPID is the Italian digital authentication system that allows citizens to access the online services of Italian public administration: from bonuses to payments, from records to health files, you can access securely your data with a single digital identity.

SPID identity consists of credentials (user name and password) that are issued to the user and that allow access to all online services.

It is released via a number of companies that act as providers.

How to fill in the application form


Download the AA4/8 pdf application form and open it with a pdf reader (such as the free Adobe Acrobat DC) that allows you to fill it in. Alternatively, you can print it out and fill it in clear capital letters.

  1. Tick “allocation of a tax code”
  2. You have to fill in part B (personal data – write them exactly as they appear on the ID you provide) and part D (your current address of residence - it means your city of origin or the last registered residence address).
  3. In part C ("Tax domicile" in Italy) you can list your Italian address that will act as a domicile for fiscal communications, and to receive the tax code card (or Health Insurance Card /Tessera Sanitaria if you’re entitled to it)
  4. Print the form before signing. The signature must be done by hand with a pen (see below)
    Under “signatures”, date and sign with your name and surname.
  5. Make a copy of your ID / Passport + a scan of the visa/entry stamp page (if applicable)