Italian ID card

Carta d'Identità

The Italian National ID Card/Carta d'Identità can be obtained from the City of Milano’s Registry Office/Anagrafe.

The ID Card is issued to all residents. To get the ID Card you must have applied for residence.

Once you are in Milano, and successfully applied for residence, you may obtain the Municipal ID Card by registering online for an in-person appointment at the City Registry.

Depending on your nationality, international professionals who want to work in Milano may need a permit to come to Italy and live and work here. 

The YesMilano Website provides additional resources on moving to Milano and living as a professional in the city.

For a detailed description of the steps and requirements to complete the immigration process, please download our booklet, and visit the links below for guidance on key documents that you will need to obtain. 



How to apply for the Italian ID Card

Take an in-person appointment on the Municipality of Milano website


On your appointment, you will be required to provide an ID (such as Passport)  your Tax Code/Codice Fiscale card or your National health card/Tessera sanitaria, the Residence Permit /Permesso di Soggiorno (if applicable) and a passport-sized photo.

The cost for the ID card is 22,20 to be paid during the appointment.

Your fingerprints will be encoded and stored on the card to certify that it belongs to you. 

As a result, a receipt will be given to you.

Processing of the card takes more or less two weeks. You can have it delivered at home (but you must pick it up in person, or give the Anagrafe officer the name and ID copy of a delegate) or you can pick it up at the Anagrafe. The receipt and a valid ID are needed to pick it up.

The Municipal ID Card is valid for 10 years for adults, after that it must be renovated with the same procedure.

For more information about getting the Municipal ID Card, please consult the Municipality website