Moving to Milano

2 useful booklets free to download

Coming to live in Milano to study or work can be exciting, but it also entails cumbersome bureaucratic procedures to get your visa or residence permit, a piece of Milanese ID, your tax number or your health card. That’s why we at YesMilano have compiled two handy guides to accompany you through the whole process.


The first is the international student booklet, covering all the steps for visa and entry requirements to be able to attend in person your academic at a Milano-based university. Especially for EU nationals the process for getting papers can be streamlined, so that you don’t have to waste too much time before diving into campus life.


The second booklet goes through the bureaucratic obligations that expats have to fulfill in order to work for a company headquartered in Milano as dependent employees. In this case, the process is lengthier and more complex, but don’t you worry: we have all the bases covered and we’ll go through all the steps together.


Now you just need to download them!

Get a streamlined, detailed description of the steps and requirements to complete the immigration process: please download the booklets we prepared for our international students and young professionals!