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After one year from the pandemics outbreak, we can look back to how we, students, teachers, and the academic sector coped with the situation.

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How did your School faced the changes brought by the pandemic?

Clearly, this sudden pandemic situation has forced everyone into very rapid changes at every level, and above all at the organizational and technological level.

We all had to adapt to new methodologies and tools: the staff, professors and students at our schools,  the heart of our job.

This period represented both a great effort and a great opportunity to learn new things and new approaches related to digital modality, e-learning, and mixed – or blended - mode, the latter with people in the classroom and people connected from home, which was very complicated as you can imagine.

Professors and Staff from Politecnico had to create new modalities to keep up the morale and the attention of our students, who were sometimes connected without their camera on and not interacting. We had to figure out new communication strategies based on interaction, games, surveys to stimulate their participation.

How did teachers and student react to changes?

Thus, we have registered different reactions among professors and students, both initially scared by these new modalities - even if not exactly new, as you know, given that in the world, e-learning education began many years ago.

Personally, since I work with different countries and customers from all over the world, I felt this difference between. Italy and China, for instance; in Italy the digital transformations seem to proceed very slowly, while in China they are incredible in this field!

We also had to get used to new dynamics in the new relationships imposed by Covid 19: any of us in his/her home or office, alone with his personal computer.

How international design students are reacting to and facing the changes and challenges of digital teaching?

In my opinion, there have been many different reactions in various professional sectors. I mean, the workplaces were much better prepared for this digital revolution than the educational sector in Italy.

So, the business field continued to be very productive, just think at all the consultancies and digital activities, whilst the world of education, the universities, were really scared and closed towards this huge change.

Students and professors wanted to come back to school, to real life, to the true relation between them, most of them. Above all in the beginning, when it seemed that Covid was affecting especially Italy and Europe. So, the foreign students of our Masters couldn’t really understand why they had to stay home after having invested money and efforts for their training path.

Moreover, the students didn’t have the chance to live their life experience in Milano with their new group of colleagues and friends, and so they were really sad.

Then something changed...

The pandemic situation became global, and you know, with this global dimension, we all understood that we were on the same boat, and this helped everybody to better understand each other using empathy, this marvelous feeling.

For sure, each student had a personal point of view and perception about this extraordinary situation we were living, but after it went global any of them was able to better accept the restrictions because they knew that they were not the only ones locked in a room at home anymore, but the entire world was restricted.

And eventually, now, those who were able to travel are here at the POLI.design venue and we are really happy to host and welcome them again, as in the past!


This has been an extraordinary teaching that I hope we won’t lose.

Together is better, even if we are apart or far away.

And human beings have the capacity of adapting to the changing of the world even when they are heavy, and to find new energies in and for these enforced changes.

This year brought also new courses, new points of view and perspectives of design...

This year too, POLI.design has launched several new design training programs, like the Spatial Olfactive Design Course,  which we will discuss later,  and others like the Food Design Specializing Master, the User Experience Psychology Master from Politecnico, etc…

It’s important to say that POLI.design is part of the  Politecnico design System, together with the School of Design and the Design Department. Our system is ranked 1st in Italy, 3rd  in Europe, 6th in the world.

POLI.design contents and competencies come from the high quality of the Departments and Lecturers, always involved in new research and innovative projects which at POLI.design become applied research.

This year for example, several teams of experts in our system have made some research about post Covid design in the fields of service, communication, home design, office design, sustainability for design, circular economy, etc., considering how this pandemic situation changed our habits, way of living, services, and so on.

I think that such research will be part of an integrated training program as a Specializing Master or a Course or a consultancy activity for companies and entities in this field, in order to contribute to the creation of a new sense of community and awareness, about what we learned from this global pandemic.