At YesMilano Students, we offer our international students various types of events:

  • Workshops: informative and useful talks on administrative duties, jobs and life in the city
  • Talks: meetups with inspirational people and peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Walks: virtual and real-life discovery of Milano's beauties and spots of interest

Here an overview and related materials about the events for students in 2021

For past events in 2020 , see here


25.03 / 01.04.2021 Working in Milano

Workshop in two parts

The aim of this workshop has been to give students the basic interpretative tools for understanding the work system in Italy, contracts and taxation, along with some basic tips about finding a job in Milano. We left plenty of space all questions about contracts, part time jobs, types of work!

in collaboration with San Martino Servizi



1) Employment law in Italy:

· Work as an Employee

  • Permanent contract (tempo indeterminato)
  • Fixed term contract (tempo determinato)
  • Temporary Agencies (interinale)

2) Work as a self-employed

  • VAT Code (P.IVA)
  • Consultant contract (Co.Co.Co.)

3) Temporary jobs/gig jobs

· How to work autonoumously without P.IVA (Ritenuta d’acconto)

· Occasional jobs (Libretto Famiglia, Prest0)

4) Terms and Conditions in contracts: National Agreement vs. Individual contract

5) Social security, pension, and fiscal treatment



  • Converting the residence permit from study to work
  • Channels to find a job
  • How to get prepared for a Job interview

25.02.2021 Taking Residence in Milano


Taking residence in a city means settling and making this city home, no matter if only for a couple of years or for a longer period of time.

We learned how, why when, and where to take residence in Milano, how the process works and what are the next steps.

In collaboration with the City Registry / Anagrafe