Visas and documents

All foreign citizens who wish to enter Italy are required to provide documentation justifying the reasons for entry and the duration of stay, plus, in certain cases, proof of availability of adequate financial means and housing arrangements.


The following travel documents are considered valid for entry and for issuing a visa:

  • passport:
    1 - diplomatic, service/official or regular
    2 - individual or collective;

Other travel documents, equivalent to a passport are:

  • identity card (member countries of the European Union)
  • a travel document for foreigners
  • list of participants on school trips within the EU
  • pass for travellers under the age of 15
  • a travel document for stateless persons
  • a travel document for refugees
  • seafarer's ID book
  • air navigation document
  • United Nations pass
  • document issued by a NATO Headquarters for personnel (military and civilian) and their dependents (spouse and children).

In some cases a visa is also required. The latter can be obtained from the Italian Diplomatic and Consular offices in the country of residence. For foreign citizen visa entry requirements to Italy please consult the Ministero degli Esteri website.