Leonardo 500

Leonardo 500

Milano and Leonardo. A combination that goes well beyond the title of the programme of events the city dedicates to the most eclectic genius in history on the 500th anniversary of his death. No other city has had the privilege of hosting him for such a long and fruitful time. A bond which lasted for about twenty years, during his mature age, while Leonardo was exploring all fields of knowledge and was able to offer the Duke of Milan, Ludovico il Moro, the best of his creative ability.

Many are the traces of his activity in Milan, countless the suggestions and intangible legacies that he left. Many the accomplishments on our land that have come down to us, that we still look at in amazement and wonder: from the navigation system of the Lombardy Navigli to the Last Supper in the Santa Maria delle Grazie refectory, from the Ritratto di Musico (Portrait of a Musician) to the graphic and pictorial invention of the Sala delle Asse in the Castello Sforzesco, which will be extraordinarily re-opened to the public on May 2, 2019, after a long period of study and restoration, exactly 500 years after Leonardo’s death in Amboise, France.

Milan celebrates this anniversary, and it does so with a programme of events lasting nine months (May 2019 - January 2020) called Leonardo 500 that has its heart at the Castello - where Leonardo arrived in 1482 to put his skills at the service of Duke Ludovico Sforza. The complete programme will be available soon.

Leonardo da Vinci Parade is the first project, already open to the public, created by the National Museum of Science and Technology on the occasion of the celebrations for Leonardo, to whom the Museum itself is dedicated, for the 500th anniversary of his death. Click here to discover all the info.