Hey, newcomer! Milano has been waiting for you. And you’re not here by coincidence, we know: its reputation of the capital of fashion and design, wealthy cosmopolitan city is the decisive factor for talented youngsters to move here.


You could have been here previously - whether in the role of a guest or a two-day tourist. This time we are going to present you Milano through the prism of student life - from the answers to common questions, to some pro-tips.

This is Milano

Milano has always been Italy’s gateway to Europe and the world.

It has always been Italy’s financial and industrial powerhouse. In 2019, Milano generated €144 billion in total value added, more than 10% of Italy’s GDP. Milano is also capital of the Lombardy Region, with a GDP of €397 billion (roughly a fifth of the country’s total, bigger than 18 national economies of the EU).

Moving to Milano

Coming to live in Milano to study or work can be exciting, but it also entails cumbersome bureaucratic procedures to get your visa or residence permit, a piece of Milanese ID, your tax number or your health card. That’s why we at YesMilano have compiled two handy guides to accompany you through the whole process.

Living in Milano

Living in Milano is a greatly enriching experience, both for boosting your educational credentials, as well as a great opportunity to discover a new culture and life perspectives.