The Chemical Brothers

The electronic duo presents the last album, "No Geography"

Mediolanum Forum
via Giuseppe di Vittorio, 6

Ready to "galvanize"? Saturday night, the biggest electronic duo of all time arrives in Milano. The Assago Forum is ready to host big beats, lights, effects, visual and psychedelia by The Chemical Brothers. Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands - brothers of consolle who met in Manchester in the early 90s and made at least clubbing soundtracks for three different generations all over Europe with songs like Hey Boy Hey Girl, Galvanize, Do It Again, The Salmon Dance and Setting Sun - also brings to Italy their show organized to launch their ninth album No Geography, realized on April 12th. There is very little to say about a combination that has made the history of music and that presents itself on its own, whose lives have always represented a musical apotheosis that envelops viewers in an almost hypnotic space-time dimension. The Chemical Brothers are also the electronic group that more than any other and first of all has winked at rock, let’s think about their collaborations with Stone Roses, Oasis, Primal Scream, Charlatans, Flaming Lips and, more recently, St . Vincent. "Hey girls, hey boys, superstar djs, here we go!"


Opening times

Opening times:

From 9 p.m.

Ticket information

Ticket information:

€ 40

Public transport

Public transport:


M2 - Assago stop



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