Christmas tree in Piazza Duomo 2019

Enter inside the tree and don't miss the light shows

Piazza del Duomo

A Christmas tree like this in the city's most beloved square, Piazza Duomo, had never been seen before.

An entire tree of lights, innovative, just like the city: Milano changes, grows, always looks ahead. This is why the tree also transforms and becomes the point that animates the whole square, a place of an amazing immersive experience.

Inspired by the historic bell towers of Milano, the light tree, sponsored by Esselunga, 37 meters high, replaces the traditional fir with a low environmental impact structure, light and semi-transparent, powered by energy from renewable sources.

The outside lives of thousands of lights and video patterns in animated graphics, becoming a real screen, and, surprisingly new, it is possible to enter inside to live an experience to tell. The animations constantly change scenery, sounds and colours.


Around the structure, a green ring of 22 fir trees embraces the tree of lights, forming a background for a led wall screen where images and music accompany those celebrating the festivities in the square.


Scroll down to discover the evening shows and solidarity initiatives held every day. But above all, don't miss the inauguration!

Opening times

Opening times:


Open to visits inside the tree from 8:00 to midnight from 7 December 2019 to 6 January 2020






December 6th at 16:00

Ticket information

Ticket information:


Free admission

Public transport

Public transport:



Line M1 red stop Duomo

Line M3 yellow stop Duomo



1, 2 ,3, 12, 14, 15 ,16, 19


As per tradition, the Christmas tree in Milano lights up the day of Saint Ambrose or in the days immediately preceding it. This year the date to be marked on the calendar is December 6th.


Starting at 13:00 music and lights will begin to animate the square, but the not to be missed show will begin at 16:00 when the Milano Super Orchestra enters the scene. 76 musicians with keyboards, drums, basses, guitars, horns and voices will start to play a medley rock inspired by Christmas, presented by Petra Loreggian, the historical voice of RDS radio.


At the end of the exciting countdown, the Mayor and a representative of Esselunga, sponsor of the installation, will light the tree with "Push the Button", in a blaze of lights, music and special effects.


And there’s more: the Milano Super Orchestra will continue with its Christmas rock to dance and have fun together.

Come and immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere with a party to remember!


Enter the tree and observe the show of lights and images from the inside: an unforgettable and exciting experience. Be ready with your mobile phone to capture the show with photos and videos to share!


The tree can be visited from 8:00 to midnight from 7 December 2019 to 6 January 2020.


And if that's not enough ... Push the Button! The same button that lit the tree at the opening is accessible for 6 minutes every hour, from 11:00 to 19:00... push it and find out what happens!


Every day at 18:15, for 18 days (from 7 to 24 December), take part in the exciting countdown waiting for Christmas.


18 people will have the opportunity to press the button and turn on the tree, creating a spectacular show.


Who are the Super18s? They are ordinary people who contribute every day to make Milano a special city. Come and celebrate with them to count down to Christmas with a party every day!


This tree is not only sustainable, with the use of 81,448 LED lights that consume only 22 kW powered by energy from renewable sources, and the 22 trees of the green ring that will be replanted after Christmas, but it is also supportive.


Behind the tree, in the direction of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, you can find 2 "Super Boxes", giant gift packs, where Esselunga's Carta Fìdaty holders can donate points accumulated on the Card. The points will then be converted into euros by Esselunga, who will pay them to the beneficiary charities, Telethon and Caritas Ambrosiana.


All those who demonstrate their generosity using their Fìdaty Points receive an Esselunga voucher.

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