Exhibitions in Milano for 2021 and previews for 2022

Discover and visit the new and upcoming exhibitions scheduled in the city

Luoghi vari

Milano has always had a reputation for showcasing the best exhibitions in Italy and the cultural line-up for the second half of 2021 and early 2022 is no exception!


Visitors will be fortunate enough to admire great Italian sculpture from Donatello to Michelangelo at the Castello Sforzesco with an exhibition in collaboration with the Louvre in Paris or explore the Synthesis and Grandeur of the modernist Mario Sironi at the Museo del Novecento and even delve into the fantastic world of Disney at Mudec - Museum of Cultures!

Absolutely not to be missed, of course, is the much-anticipated exhibition dedicated to the founder of impressionist painting Claude Monet, from September onwards at Palazzo Reale, as well as the fabulous retrospective at Mudec dedicated to the Dutch pioneer of abstract art, Piet Mondrian.


The great masterpieces of Titian will be the protagonist at the Palazzo Reale in 2022 with ‘Tiziano e l’immagine della donna - Titian and the female image: beauty, love, poetry’, alongside the visionary works of Hieronymus Bosch, also showing at the Palazzo Reale from November. 


The programme is vast so all you have to do is choose your favourite exhibitions and plan your visit! Download the complete line-up and check below for the exhibitions not to be missed in the upcoming months.



Italian sculpture from Donatello to Michelangelo at the Castello Sforzesco

From July 21st to October 24th

Visitors be warned - you may risk catching the Stendhal syndrome, the psychosomatic malaise that occurs in the presence of wondrous works of art!


From July 21st to October 24th, the main works in the exhibition dedicated to Italian Renaissance sculpture at the Castello Sforzesco will be of outstanding beauty. Absolutely do not miss Il corpo e l'anima, da Donatello a Michelangelo. Scultura italiana del Rinascimento (Body and Soul, Italian Renaissance sculpture from Donatello to Michelangelo). The exhibition will traverse history through artworks by, to name a few, Donatello, Antonio Pollaiolo, Bertoldo di Giovanni, Giovanfrancesco Rustici, Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Guido Mazzoni, Bartolomeo Bellano, Cristoforo Solari, Tullio Lombardo, Andrea Riccio, Bambaia, Sansovino and, not least, Michelangelo, one of the greatest creators in the history of art.


The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Louvre Museum in Paris, where the works were on display prior to arriving in Milano.

Indulge yourself, let art intoxicate you!


If you purchase a ticket for the Estate Sforzesca performances you will receive a voucher that entitles you to reduced admission to the Castle Museums (€ 3) from June 11th to 20 July 20th, or reduced admission (€ 8) to the exhibition ‘Il Corpo e l’Anima, da Donatello a Michelangelo (The Body and the Soul, from Donatello to Michelangelo)’ + a visit to the Castello Sforzesco Museums from July 21st to October 24th, 2021.

La grande storia di Mario Sironi (Mario Sironi -The great History) at the Museo del Novecento

From July 23rd 2021 to March 27th 2022

From July 23rd 2021 to March 27th 2022 the Museo del Novecento will offer everyone a privileged viewing of one of the greatest and most celebrated Modernist artists to emerge from Italy over the last century. Mario Sironi. Synthesis and grandeur.


Sixty years since his death, the exhibition retraces his entire artistic history with over 100 works, from the symbolist season to futurism, metaphysics and expressionism. But Sironi did not stop there: he continued through the Thirties with his famous monumental figures in his own unequivocal style up until the post-war period and his visionary hallucinatory series dedicated to the theme of the Apocalypse painted shortly before his death.


A glimpse into the soul of a man through his entire history, which is also ours.

The art of telling timeless stories: explore the world of Disney at Mudec

From September 2nd 2021 to February 13th 2022

The DISNEY. L’arte di raccontare storie senza tempo (DISNEY. The art of telling timeless stories) exhibitions at Mudec - Museo delle Culture presents an insight into the extraordinary artistic talent of the Disney Studios who have always succeed in enchanting the public in the art of timeless storytelling.

Over the decades, the Studios have skilfully transformed ancient tales and adapted them to the spirit of the times through the creation of fascinating characters, enchanted worlds and contemporary themes. Their message has remained unchanged but the narrative techniques and methods have evolved as years of creative exploration lies behind the final magical results.


The exhibition will give children of all ages the opportunity to explore behind the scenes of Disney's masterpieces and understand how an animated film originates.

Claude Monet at Palazzo Reale - The famous French painter arrives in Milano

From September 18th 2021 to January 30th 2022

Claude Monet. Works from the Musée Marmottan Monet in Paris is certainly one of the most eagerly-anticipated exhibitions on this new cultural programme. It is part of the ‘Musei del Mondo - Museums of the World at Palazzo Reale’ artistic project. 


The Musée Marmottan Monet holds the largest collection worldwide of Monet's works, from which 50 paintings have been selected for an in-depth study on the theme of the reflection of light and its fluctuations in the en-plain-air works of the famous founder of Impressionism.

Amongst the works exhibited are numerous masterpieces, including ‘The beach at Trouville’, ‘Walk Argenteuil’, ‘Parliament. Reflections on the Thames’, ‘Charing Cross’ and the famous ‘Water Lilies’.


To complement the exhibition a naturalistic focus on water lilies will be created at the Civic Aquarium.

The first monographic exhibition in Milano dedicated to Mondrian at Mudec

From November 24th 2021 to March 27th 2022

The exhibition at Mudec - Museo delle Culture Piet Mondrian. Dalla figurazione all'astrazione is the first monographic exhibition dedicated to Piet Mondrian in Milano and reveals a lesser-known aspect of his works: landscape painting.


The exhibition, created in collaboration with the Kunstmuseum in The Hague, is an invitation to discover ‘another’ side of Mondrian and to rediscover his great masterpieces as it illustrates the Dutch master's evolution from his figurative phase to abstractionism and makes comparisons with artists of The Hague School.

Titan's Venetian women will illuminate Milano's winter and the upcoming spring season

February - May 2022

Tiziano e l’immagine della donna: bellezza, amore, poesia - Titian and the female image: beauty, love, poetry scheduled at Palazzo Reale from the beginning of 2022, invites us to encounter the female image that, in sixteenth century Venice, acquired a standing perhaps never seen before in the history of painting.

This was due to various factors, such as the presence of Titian and other artists working both in Venice and on the mainland who were particularly interested in the representation of female beauty but also due to the particular status that women had in Venetian society at the time.


Curated in collaboration with the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, the exhibition will also include works by Tintoretto, Veronese and Palma il Vecchio.

Bosch’s extraordinary images invade Palazzo Reale

November 2022 - March 2023

Hieronymus Bosch e l’Europa meridionale - Hieronymus Bosch and Southern Europe, a unique retrospective that is the result of lengthy and systematic academic research, will exemplify Bosch's success as a creator of restlessly imaginative visions in relation to the art collecting trends of the time and the artistic recognition by the Spanish and Italian Renaissance.

In fact, important links with Bosch's art can be found in masterpieces by, amongst others, Titan, El Greco and Savoldo.


So, for the first time ever this exhibition will offer the Italian and international public the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Bosch’s role at the height of the so-called ‘anti-Renaissance’ that had gripped Europe because he inspired and influenced many artists and painters to paint what they imagined and felt.