Free Tour of Piazza Mercanti and Its Buildings.

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Every week, you can join a guided tour, in English or Italian, of  Piazza dei Mercanti (Merchants'square) and its surroundings!

This area, just steps from Duomo, was the place where economic, administrative and legislative decisions were made since the middle age.

The making of this ancient square, the founding myth of the sow (yes, a female pig that according to the legend--- you'll discover on your tour!), and everything there is to know about the medieval Palazzo della Ragione, Renaissance Palazzo Giureconsulti,  Panigarola house , the church of San Michele al Gallo, the Loggia degli Osii and the Portico della Ferrata.

The tour of  Piazza dei Mercanti is offered by The Chamber of Commerce of Milano, Monza-Brianza, Lodi who proudly continues the tradition to work for the development of the local business community.

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The tour is outdoors, mask and distancing mandate apply. 

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