A ghost newsstand from the past

Underground magazines from 1960 until 2019

MM1 Cordusio - Duomo, underground tunnel
Piazza Duomo

Among all Bookcity events, one emerges and transforms the underground tunnel placed under Duomo square into a past kiosk.


It is true that Milano has always been at the center of media attention. News, stories, fashion, the rapid urban change have aroused journalists and reporters’ interest, who have described the different faces of the City via numerous magazines. In particular, the indipendent publishing houses have an interesting past that Agenzia X and Moicana - contemporary and alternative Italian publishing - tell through an exhibition during the mentioned books' autumn fair in Milano.


The underground publishing movement started in the 1960s, when the Artisans Gallery (placed in the subway tunnel under Duomo square) became the principal site of «Mondo Beat». This was the first alternative newspaper, today considered a historical resource, a documentary testimony of protest years in Italy. The exhibition is curated by the artist Joykix. All magazines will be exhibited in an unconventional context that will alternate historical and contemporary graphics and photographs. Everything will also be accessible online from November 18th through a web archive, a bridge between memory and reality.

The exhhibit and the online archive will be accessible freely: this is a rare opportunity to relive Milano transformation over the years through past magazines' pages.

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