Heimat 2

13 episodes between seriality and author cinema

San Fedele Auditorium
Via Ulrico Hoepli, 3/b

The word "Heimat" is often translated as "home" or "homeland", but more specifically indicates the link with origins and places. San Fedele Cinema starts with a work that bears this extravagant name, within the XXL - STORIE INFINITE project. The intention is to focus on works that do not have a traditional format, but adapt to the story they want to tell - as in the case of Heimat 2, a masterpiece by Edgar Reitz. Second part of a project that wants to reconstruct the history of the twentieth century in Germany, Heimat 2 focuses on the youth of the protagonist Hermann Simon, the training at the Munich conservatory, the protest of the 60s, the love and the search for an existential homeland.


The feature film, consisting of 13 episodes for a total duration of 25 hours and 32 minutes, began November 3rd in the presence of the director and then continued in the weeks one episode at a time, with the aim of restoring centrality to the vision in the hall, even in a rich work like the one in question.


The German director will be back in the hall, together with the protagonist of the film Salome Kammer, at San Fedele on December 11th for the screening of the 10th episode, while at the end of the cycle, December 15th it will be possible to see the last three episodes together. To the delight of real cinephiles, everything will be projected strictly in 35mm. In an age in which entertainment is offered in a constant and instantaneous mass, Reitz's work puts the viewer in front of the possibility of enjoying the vision in a different way, suspended between seriality and author cinema. The work is an opportunity to ask ourselves some questions, to pick up a new kind of experience as an observer and share it. Maybe even to turn off online movie portals and get out of the house.

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Wednsday 11 December, 20.30 - (with Edgar Reitz and Salome Kammer)

La fine del futuro (Reinhard, 1966)  

Sunday 15 December three last episodes
L'epoca del silenzio (Rob, 1967/68) at 15.00
L'epoca delle molte parole (Stefan, 1968/69) at 17.30
L'arte o la vita (Hermann e Clarissa, 1970) at 21.00

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