Le Studio d’Orphée by Jean-Luc Godard

A recording and editing studio, a place of life and work that mixes memorabilia and equipment

Fondazione Prada
Largo Isarco, 2

To me, instead, I’m at the center of the world


With these words Madelaine undermines Paul in Masculin, féminin, a film directed by Jean-Luc Godard in 1966. But not even the center of one's world can be enough for someone. We often go further, try to become a legend. Jean-Luc Godard partly succeeded, becoming, with his films, a cinematographic icon for all that generation of Parisians fighting against the status quo in the 60s. 


As soon as a man becomes a myth, not only his art but also the space of creation of art itself turns into something that goes beyond geometry. “Le Studio d’Orphée” is a studio, a hybrid place, a recording and editing studio, a place of life and work that mixes memorabilia, equipment, furniture and objects. A real space totem where Godard has made his films in the last ten years, recreated on the first floor of Fondazione Prada south gallery. Inside you will be able to watch the screening of the feature film Le livre d’image (2018) and nine short films signed Godard. 


The spectator is allowed to violate the rooms of the hero Orfeo/Godard, thinning the line between life and imagination, between work and creation, as in the Greek myth poet-musician must descend into the underworld to save Eurydice (spoiler: without success). A further sound installation, Histoire (s) du cinéma composed by Godard, is diffused inside the elevator of the Tower, in a babel tower of voices and sounds that tell the history of cinema.

Opening times

Opening times:

From 13 to 17, short movie are transmitted for 10 visitors every 30 minutes.

From 17 to 19, the movie "Le Livre d'image" is projected for 5 visitors maximum.

Ticket information

Ticket information:

The entrance is possible with a valid ticket to visit Fondazione Prada.

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Public transport:


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