Manifatture Aperte 2019

A journey into the culture of making

Various locations

A journey into the culture of making, exploring innovation 4.0 and artisanal tradition.


On 29 and 30 November Manifatture Aperte is back: two days of Milan’s production sites opening their doors to the city for free with tours, talks and workshops. Traditional production processes, tools of the future, hidden places, and urban artisans: a great opportunity to discover some of Milan’s production institutions.


More than 100 small and medium businesses are set to take part in this second edition.

9 thematic paths linking places situated around the city:

Botteghe d’arte (Art studios), discovering the secrets of Milan’s master artisans;

Cosa vuol dire 4.0 (What Does 4.0 Mean), featuring robots, IoT, 3D printers and new materials;

Officine di Passioni (Passion Workshops), where passion and technical expertise come together in the crafting of aluminium guitars, surfboards, mosaics and ceramics;

Manifatture a teatro (Production at the Theatre), getting to know the craftspeople behind performances, like those of the Teatro alla Scala workshops;

Fabbriche del Design (Design Factories), Milan’s production trademark;

Manifatture nei quartieri (Neighbourhood Production), to create urban regeneration and identity;

Manifattura circolare e sostenibile (Sustainable Circular Production), for eco-friendly city factories;

Donne e Manifattura (Women and Production), leading lights of production in Milan;

Manifattura a impatto sociale (Production with social impact), making together, generating autonomy, work and new community connection


To kick off the second edition on November 28th there will be an evening dedicated to musical experimentation at the creative hub BASE Milano, the event headquarter.


Manifatture Aperte is an event promoted by the Department of Work and Production Activities at Milan City Council and run by Nema – Rete Nuove Manifatture (New Production Network), made up of Cariplo Factory, Base Milano, Make a Cube³, OpenDot, and WeMake.

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In Milano, this year, just for two days the doors of the grand masters of artisanal tradition are open.
Leather purses, hats, jewels, woodworking: discover the perfect tour among our rich offer, let us take you on a journey to find out about the beauty and the great craftsmanship that is passing from one generation to the other.

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