Milano Clown Festival

International festival of clowns and new street theatre - XV Edition

Various locations

PLEASE NOTICE: all events organised for Carnival 2020 are cancelled or postponed due to the Lombardy Region ordinance.


Following last year’s success - with a mega turnout of over 30,000 enthusiastic spectators - the Milano Clown Festival returns to the city, just in time for Carnival!

From February 26th to 29th, 2020 the city will dazzle with a rainbow of events for 3 days (plus one!) to provide non-stop fun entertainment for all ages.


Milano Clown Festival is the only international event dedicated to Clowns and to new Street Theatre, proudly hosted by the city of Milano since 2006. The fun-tastic event takes place yearly in conjunction with the Ambrosian Carnival and attracts the best new circus and street theatre artists to offer top international entertainment.


This year the fun will kick off on February 26th with Transformer Day, dedicated to raising awareness for charitable institutions and bringing the joy of Carnival to the city’s social service hubs. 
This will be followed by masses of fun shows in over 24 main city locations such as Piazza Duomo, Via Padova, Casa della Carità and the Isola district, the beating heart of the Festival, up to and including February 29th. 


Over 150 events in a packed schedule including theatre shows, special screenings, music and get-togethers dedicated to education and schools.


Amongst the special events make sure you don’t miss: Blink Circus (Italy) award-winning photographic show-exhibition, a nostalgic journey into the dreamlike and mysterious world of the circus. 
Also top-of-the-list is the Compagnia dei re-Tratti di strada (Italy) painting group led by the artist Claudio Jaccarino who, in just over a minute, can illustrate any subject they come across. 


Then, the most eagerly-awaited moment? The awards ceremony, of course! There will be three prizes at the festival: one awarded by the Jury, one by the Children's Jury and, lastly, the Audience Award.
Have a guess… who will win the Milano Clown Festival 2020?

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