Milano Design Week: Fabbrica del Vapore

The events

Fabbrica del Vapore
Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini, 4

Here you can find the Milan Design Week 2019 events that will be held at the Fabbrica del Vapore.

Skin Cities

9 - 14 April 2019. Spazio Fattoria

Important opportunity to reflect on how design can contribute to understanding our time through cartographic procedures.

Unduetrestella Design Week

9 - 14 April 2019. Spazio Messina 2

A focus dedicated to creative projects aimed at the world of childhood.

Dfood, Design About Food

9 - 14 April 2019. Shops in via Paolo Sarpi and nearby streets

A project dedicated to food and design, following the theme: "home cooking".

SHARING DESIGN 6^ ed. Design no brand

9 - 14 April 2019. Fabbrica del Vapore - Spazio Messina 2 and courtyard

A project of a network of associations, which deal with self-produced, social and inclusive design, circular economy and plural identity, dedicated to innovative projects that respect the themes in the 2030 Agenda for Development Sustainable.


9 - 14 April 2019. Cattedrale

An appointment dedicated to art and design, to their contaminations and to future and future developments of technology in everyday life.


9 - 14 April 2019. Square

A programme of daytime and evening events that offers us new ways of being together and planning healthy entertainment with moments of sharing.

Green Guests - eco/inside

9 - 14 April 2019. Archivio Viafarini

A project by SDARCH Trivelli & Associati, Angus Fiori Architects, Alhadeff Architects, in which the visitor experiences a sensorial experience, immersing himself in the concepts of biophilic design.

Ethical Fashion Workshop

9 - 14 April 2019. Archivio Viafarini

A project by EcoCouture and Associazione Para Todos, which aims to promote and enhance the emerging skills of designers and fashion designers from different parts of the world.

Design Night

13 April 2019 at 21:00. Square

Saturday 13 at 21:00 will be presented the installation Design nelle Parole by the artist Marco Nereo Rotelli who, together with DJ Alessio Bertallot and the poet Loretto Rafanelli, will create a suggestion of lights and sounds.

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