Milano is online

Live your passions in streaming

The city is closed but we can enjoy its best online. The offer to experiment is really vast. Through new communication channels we can feel close and share our emotions in a laboratory of ideas able to change at the speed of the internet: our audience is potentially infinite.


In this article you can find an overview of the initiatives aimed at spreading the language of Milanese creativity "without precautions for use", in a dialogue between 3 categories suitable for the purpose: a journey in search of beauty among the most interactive museums of the city; a dip in culture to keep up with the times; a virtual zapping in the kaleidoscopic world of cinema.


Night at the Museum

Here you can find all the info to make a virtual tour among the most beautiful museums in Milano.

Browse culture from your device

Fashion, theatre and comics to enjoy with eyes and mind.

Many movies to dream. In Milano, cinema is at home

Two Milanese Cinema institutions share their archives for free, for many unforgettable evenings.

Upcoming events

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