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We are not yet in phase Music Week but Milano, in these last days of February, expresses all its creative energy with a huge musical offer: from the most central and known places as La Scala, to the former industrial locations increasingly cool thanks to the insights put in place by the fashion system, artists on stage find home in various places of the city. Here’s a virtual tour of Milano Multi Stage offers of this period, to listen, dance and live at full volume. 



Menotti Teatro Filippo Perego, Via Ciro Menotti 11

21/23 February 2020 - Chicos Mambo's "Tutu" (check the timetables)

Teatro Menotti proudly hosts Tutu’s première in Milano, a funny parody of ballet staged by 6 dancers (the Chicos Mambo), that with self-irony and comic verve move “en travesti” on the notes of a repertoire capable of ranging from classic to contemporary. In scene 20 iconic “pictures” inspired by as many atmospheres, from Swan Lake to the modern dreams told by Pina Baush, to Nadia Comăneci’s artistic gymnastics. A nice revenge for “the theater that didn't want to die”, more lively than ever in a swirl of costumes, colours and laughter.


Teatro alla Scala, Via Filodrammatici 2

22 february 2020 - Il Turco in Italia at 8 p.m.

Saturday 22, at Teatro alla Scala the première of "Il turco in Italia" will make you discover the comic side of love according to the young Rossini.


Teatro Nuovo, Piazza San Babila 3

22 february 2020 - Carmen reinterpreted by Aloysius Ballet Company at 8:45 p.m.

A new version of the novel by Mérimée set to music by composer Georges Bizet will surprise the audience who will attend the ballet "Carmen" performed at Teatro Nuovo on Saturday 22 February by the Aloysius Company. The choreographies will be inspired by a mix of modern dance, classical and flamenco, to recall the mix of cultures that inspired the opera.

Conservatorio G. Verdi, Via Conservatorio, 12

24 february 2020 Apap - Sollima - Chochieva at 8:45 p.m.

Conservatorio's Sala Verdi in Milano, famous all over Europe for its excellent acoustic, welcomes the great names of classical music in the context of the "Festival Omaggio a Milano 2020", organized by Serate Musicali. Monday, February 24 the trio (violin - cello - piano) Gilles Apap - Giovanni Sollima - Zlata Chochieva will perform pieces by French composers Debussy and Ravel. An unmissable opportunity to get closer to classical music through an entertaining and curious program.

Teatro Franco Parenti, Via Pier Lombardo 14

28 february 2020 – I Boreali Party at 10:15 p.m.

Overwhelmed by the wind of the North on late February, the heart opens to the new season: in the suggestive location of the Parenti Theatre in Porta Romana, the North European musicians Charlotte Adigéry (Belgian of Caribbean origin) and the Norwegian SASSY 009 will perform live as a corollary of the events included in the schedule I boreali Nordic Festival 2020. Alternation of tribal rhythms and introspective electronic echoes for the first; lively sounds marked by synthesizers for the second: at this party, you will dance on "high frequencies".

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