Nina Kraviz

Legendary techno music from Moscow

via Alfonso Gatto

If female DJing has become more and more decisive over time, the merit goes to its queens. Among these, for the past twenty years, Nina Kraviz has marched in the front row, a Muscovite woman of indeterminate age (a secret never revealed thanks to her perfect diaphanous skin). Nina is as iconic for techno as Nico was for Velvet Underground: she plays, produces, sings - at the beginning of her career she sang her famous Chicago house hit "Ghetto Kraviz" - this year she has got to perform at Coachella, with a show between the microphone and the consolle. Her love story with Ben Klock inspired young couples to dance together until the early morning light, on sounds published with "Trip", the label she founded in 2014. Wonder Kraviz’s stage is the Planet: last year she performed at the top of the Great Wall of China for a small crowd of the lucky ones. The initials of his name, NK, make up the eyes of a smiling yellow emoticon that is sewed on t-shirts she wears during her sets: Nina Kraviz is a trademark, she's unmistakable.

Opening times

Opening times:

From 11:30 p.m.

Ticket information

Ticket information:

€ 20/25/28 + d.p.

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Public transport

Public transport:


45, 73, 175






+ 393389440621
Official hashtag

Official hashtag

#amnesiamilano #ninakraviz


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