Pout Pourri 1909 - 2019

One hundred and ten years after the birth of futurism movement

Casello Daziario di Ponente
Piazza Sempione

Rain of vegetables. Loud screams. Punches everywhere. The futurist theatre format, a sort of revolutionary and fast art, has undoubtedly marked the history of the Italian show. Short avant-garde sketches, apparently light and confusing, linked the protagonists of the stage to the event itself, which provoked the public without any mediation. Some improvised fights involved the entire audience, fights that continued outside theatres and animated the city, frightened passers-by or, worse, dragged them into disputes. This kind of theatre, in the early twentieth century, completely destroyed the concept of theatre performance, contrasting classic and impeccable dramaturgies of the previous century. The avant-garde Milano fascinated futurists, who, just under the Madonnina, in front of the famous Camparino, admired their sudden progress. So the city assisted the process of variety show creation.


"Courage, daring, rebellion, will be our poetry essential elements" wrote Filippo Tommaso Marinetti on "Le Figaro" on 5 February 1909. One hundred and ten years after the birth of this fervent movement, someone still deals with it in a right way. Industria Scenica, creative organization specialized in cultural welfare, opens the city doors with artistic criticism. Its theatre company, Elea Teatro, will set two events - the first one will be a walk with theatrical interventions to discover Milano futurism cult places; the second one will be a rendez-vous at the Casello Daziario with the representation of the show Pout Pourri, a sensational contemporary variety with an irreverent taste, preceded by an aperitif with futurist flavors. Write down these two dates: Nov 16th and 24th to relive a historic atmosphere for free. "Let's kill the moonlight!" - once again.

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Nov 16th, futurist walk

h. 4:30 PM

The meeting point location will be revealed 24 hours before the event


Nov 24th, futurist aperitif + Pout Pourri by Elea Teatro

h. 7:30 PM

at Casello Daziario di Ponente

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