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Since childhood, everyone loves the magic of Christmas: the gifts under the tree, the warmth of time spent with family, the bright lights that light up the cold evenings spent with friends. And how can we forget the Milanese dessert that has become the must-have Christmas cake for everyone: panettone?

Here you can find the events linked to the Christmas tradition in Milano: Christmas trees and lights, markets and shopping, must-see exhibitions, Opening Night of Teatro alla Scala, panettone and much more.

Christmas trees and lights

Milano never disappoints when we talk about Christmas trees and lights along streets and squares.


The tree in piazza Duomo this year is special: it is an entire tree of lights that replaces the traditional fir. It is even possible to enter inside to live an experience to tell. Don't miss the inauguration show on December 6th. Every night from December 7th to 24th don't miss the evening show to countdown the days until Christmas.


The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is also lit up with the traditional tree in the Octagon, backdrop of the most loved Christmas selfies. 


Strolling around under the illuminated roof of the Galleria, go to Piazza della Scala, where you can find a light installation inspired by the roof of Teatro alla Scala, which looks down on the piazza.


Nothing is better than a stroll around the streets or a ride on one of the historical Milanese trams in the city centre under the Christmas lights.


From December 1st more than 180 streets are enlivened by lights, both in the city centre and in the outskirts of town. From Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Via Mercanti and Via Dante to via Orefici, from Corso Buenos Aires to Corso VeneziaCorso Garibaldi, Corso Como and Via Torino.


If you want to dive into the streets of the Fashion District (the Quadrilatero della Moda), don't miss the shop windows of the great designers, who every year offer spectacular displays. The Christmas Shopping Experience is also held in this area, an elegant set up of lights created ad hoc for each street, with music and events.


Piazza Tre Torri at City Life is illuminated by a guiding star, and Porta Nuova by "Light the Future" by Urban Up - Unipol.


Real light shows are on at the Central Station and at the Darsena with Aqua Show: you'll be amazed! 

Christmas markets and shopping

The shop windows of the large shops, so beautiful to leave adults and children open-mouthed, frame the strolls through the Christmas markets!


The market in Piazza Duomo also returns from December 1, with the houses that frame gifts for all tastes, from food to many original craft ideas. For all children, there are a puppet theatre, hands-on experiences with bakers, magic, face painting, laboratories with the use of recycled materials.


If you're around the Central Station, you can find there another Christmas Market, among all the fun activities and events.

Among the numerous initiatives of associations and organizations, we recall the banco di Garabombo tent dedicated to fair trade and the Italian social economy, open from 2 November to the Epiphany in the parking area of via Mario Pagano.

If you want to help people in need due to war and poverty, go to the Spazio Natale di Emergency in via Santa Croce: here you can buy gifts coming from all the different countries where Emergency works helping those in need.

Masterpiece and Nativity scene at Palazzo Marino and the exhibitions during the holidays

For the joy of all, returns the masterpiece exhibited for free at Palazzo Marino, a much-loved appointment without which it cannot be said that it is Christmas in Milano. This year the exhibited work is the Annunciation by Filippino Lippi, from San Gimignano, from November 29th to January 12th


Don't miss also in Palazzo Marino the Nativity scene coming from Naples, also exhibited for free, to continue the tradition that for centuries has seen the depiction of the Nativity scene showing off itself in the houses of the Milanese, with the children having fun moving the figurines on the moss surrounding the hut.


During the holidays, a lot of exhibitions offer a cultural pause for everyone. From Leonardo to Canova, from Van Gogh to the terracotta army from China.

Panettone, the Milanese Christmas cake

The panettone, the Milanese Christmas cake, will be the protagonist of all the festivities. The ovens fire up to offer the true flavor of Christmas with the traditional recipe and the variations of great confectioners.


The story goes that the panettone was invented... find out here.

Procession of the Three Kings

After Christmas, here comes the Ephiphany, with the procession of the Three Wise Men in costume through the city centre. Start at 11:30 in piazza Duomo on January 6th for one of the most ancient traditions of Milano.



Other suggestions

Between some shopping and a slice of panettone discover the beauty of Milano: the 10 unmissable churches or the exhibitions scheduled for the Christmas period, enjoy in the events organized for the 500 years since the death of Leonardo da Vinci or organize a lunch to taste the traditional Milanese dishes (as you know, winter is the best time to taste ossobuco on a plate of yellow risotto or cassoeula!).

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