Tale of Us

The techno-chic duo #madeinitaly performs at Fabrique

Via Gaudenzio Fantoli, 9

Matteo and Carmine, aka Tale of Us, have many merits in the panorama of clubbing and international electronic music. First of all, they have brought a specific, defined and irrefutable imprint to their parties. Wherever you hear them, they keep their sounds clear and distinct in the console: emotionally involving, rhythmically pressing, they keep you glued to the dancefloor with a naturalness that many of their colleagues would like to have. In addition, Tale of Us have brought this genre to perfection. Their techno is melodic, passionate, definitely tangible and deeply connected with an audience always in adoration. Their fan club is typical of rock stars, and they are followed in clubs around the world by an adoring crowd. At Fabrique they come back to spread their word and to make us dancing during the up-coming fashion-week. To be present for this great evening of music is a must!


Edited by  Martina di Iorio.

Opening times

Opening times:

11 pm

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Ticket information:

From € 32,00

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