White Show 2021 - Digital Edition

The contemporary fashion fair at MFW 2021

BASE e Superstudio Più
Via Tortona 27 e 54

The WHITE show is back in Milan with over 200 brands presented on the trade fair's online platform and the inspiration-packed B2B marketplace.

This edition aims to find strategies and opportunities to promote the excellence of small and medium-sized fashion businesses which represent more than 90% of the Italian industrial system. Niche enterprises that prioritise research and quality but are penalised by the lack of high-profile status that they deserve.

Three online rooms dedicated to sustainability, advanced craftsmanship and a joint project with Altaroma.

Amongst the many ‘Special Projects’ one really stands out: the collaboration with Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto on sustainability, curated by Chiara Tronville, whereby a selection of brands experiment with different techniques, from recycling and upcycling, processing with less polluting raw materials to reduce the environmental impact and, above all, operating with traceability and transparency.

Another important project is that dedicated to the theme of advanced craftsmanship - curated by Angelo Ruggeri and Valeria Oppenheimer - featuring over 30 companies to narrate the work of modern makers who overlap image and product. True uniqueness and meticulous attention to detail characterize all the products created by the selected brands which have endeavoured to preserve an artisan dimension merged with an avant-garde design ethic: each object tells a particular story, through the materials and its finishes, that embraces the consumers and makes them feel unique and special.

The collaboration with Altaroma showcase also continues this season - albeit in digital version - and will be on show on the WHITE platform with a selection of the best designers.

An important part of the project is to match up the companies exhibiting with the visiting buyers who, accompanied on the online platform to view the collections, will be able to fix their appointments in real time to see the ranges live.

Also scheduled are 12 live webinars on the sito that will address issues particularly relevant to SMEs, such as craftsmanship and sustainable innovation.


SPECIAL PROJECT ‘A Good Job’ and the focus on sustainability

The area curated by Chiara Tronville in collaboration with Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto - presents a selection of brands that experiment with different techniques: from recycling and upcycling, to processing with non-polluting raw materials and, above all, operating with traceability and transparency.

Let's check out some of the leading brands.

Roberto di Stefano

Roberto di Stefano is one of the leading brands exhibiting; the designer launches his distinctive 100% vegan bag line crafted with the innovative organic material obtained from cacti, produced by the Mexican company Desserto.


IINDACO is not just a new Made in Italy footwear brand, IINDACO is, above all, a challenge, a new way of doing business in the fashion sector. The brand’s mission is to innovate luxury through the experimentation of a circular economy model that can become a reference for the sector, ultimately creating a more virtuous and sustainable lifestyle.


Vernisse, founded in 2019, epitomises contemporary luxury to celebrate unique bespoke garments and tailored fabrics made from upcycled vintage textiles.

SPECIAL PROJECT ‘Advanced craftsmanship’

For this edition, the selection dedicated to advanced craftsmanship, curated by Angelo Ruggeri and Valeria Oppenheimer, presents a mix of over 20 brands that range from clothing to footwear and jewellery. Here are a few of the leading labels.


PeppinoPeppino is a denim brand driven by a passion for vintage garments and inspired by workwear to create atypical aesthetics. The brand mission is to expand the potentialities of denim to create unexpected, modern, yet easy-to-wear silhouettes.

Gentile Catone

A label that represents a multifaceted universe in which nostalgic allure and playful romanticism are interwoven in dissonant harmony.

The brand is known for its extremely refined prints and the high quality of its fabrics, particularly the natural and eco-sustainable choices.


A brand that uses recycled materials such as basketballs to create sustainable products with a strong emotional value. Normally destined for landfill, the balls are gifted a second life to become unique design accessories. The project directly involves both the multidimensionality of sport and a deep-rooted passion for Italian artisan design and acts as a strong social aggregator.


The intrinsic link between tradition and the land is also fundamental for Montegallo which crafts precious hats, with a timeless charm and style, using the artisan mastery of straw processing: a rural activity that dates back to 1300, intertwined into agricultural traditions in the Marche.

CO.RO Jewels

CO.RO’s pieces are ‘architectural’ creations with a strongly evocative feel that are often dedicated to the palaces and monuments of the major Italian cities.

Le Kadeau

Directly inspired by distilling the uniqueness of nature, the precious materials are transformed into small works of art and prêt-à-porter design.

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