WORKING IN MILANO: Quick tips for Students - Part Two Search and Recruitment

at 6pm Online Event

Working in Milano Part-Two is thought to gain a better understanding of the different working status and so be better prepared in case of receiving a job offer.

This workshop follows our first one on the basic interpretative tools for understanding the work system in Italy , and is aimed at giving more insights on the most requested topics.

Check here below the detailed program. 

Q&A time is left after the presentation, you can pose your questions via chat throughout the presentation.

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Opening times

Opening times:

6 pm Milano Time

Ticket information

Ticket information:

Participation is free UPON REGISTRATION

Get a streamlined, detailed description of the steps and requirements to complete the immigration process: please download the booklets we prepared for our international students and young professionals!





Converting the residence permit for study into one for work

Working as an employee: challenges


- Recruitment channels

- How to write your high-impact resume

- How to prepare yourself for the job interview

- How to communicate effectively

- Cultural differences: how to bridge them

- Learning from failures


Working as self-employed: challenges


- Discover your customers

- Analyzing competitors

- Establish your goals

- Preparing your marketing plan


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