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Meet Kaija and Glenis - Want to get started with your career in Milano? Ask your peers!

at 19.00 CET - Online Event

Are you looking for work in Milano, but have no clue where to start from?

If you chose Milano for your higher education, you're likely to stay afterwards for an internship or a job experience. 

But it's not easy to start your own business or get hired by a company, if you don't know the environment very well.

That’s why we thought it could be very useful for our int'l students to talk to other young people like them to find out HOW THEY DID IT.In each session, we will interview a couple of former students having diverse backgrounds and different job experiences, and then you'll be able to ask all your questions.


Join us @Palazzo Giureconsulti or online, we are phygital!!!


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Opening times

Opening times:

7 pm CET Milano Time

Ticket information

Ticket information:

Join us @Palazzo Giureconsulti or online, we are phygital!!!

Meet Kaija and Glenis: Art Direction vs. Fashion E-commerce

29th of September at 7 p.m CET time

Come and meet Kaija and Glenis on the 29th of September at 19.00 to discuss their experiences.


Glenis Salazar – Art director for a communication agency

Hello everyone! I am Glenis Salazar and I am originally from Peru. I had different experiences abroad that encouraged me to pursue my Master's degree in Milan in 2018. I previously studied Communication and Advertising and I completed my professional training studying Communication Design at NABA -Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti- with an English program. I had great experiences provided by my university to work on academic projects with innovative companies based in Italy. I had a recent experience working in an Italian environment as an Art Director in a Communication Agency.


Kaija Love – E-commerce for a luxury brand

Hi! my name is Kaija Love. I am originally from Australia, but came to Milan on a study exchange in 2019 for one year, where I fell in love with the city. My positive experience led me to come back here in October 2020, after returning to Australia for just 10 months. I studied communications and international studies, majoring in Italian, and continued the same studies here in Italy, taking academic curriculum courses at Università Cattolica. I'm currently working as an E-Commerce Assistant at Versace.


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