YesMilano Students Talk: Home Design and the Covid-19

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at 17.00 CET - Online Event

How our homes have changed following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic?

How this worldwide crisis could leverage our homes to play different roles in our daily life?

7 emerging home scenarios will be illustrated by researchers Xue Pei and Daniela Maurer to guide people to adapt and live better in the domestic spaces.

This webinar will introduce the ongoing research Home Bridges the World, conducted by Creative Industries Lab (Cilab), a Design Research Lab of the Design Department at Politecnico di Milano. Discover more on the research report: 

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Who's who

Xue Pei PhD in Design, Post-doc research fellow on design thinking for business and entrepreneurship at the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano. Her current research focuses on applying design (thinking) approach, methods and tools to fostering innovation in organisations. See her Linkedin

Daniela Maurer Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor at Politecnico di Milano, freelance designer in product design and innovation strategies fields. Her research interests are mainly focus on the domestic and working environments. See her website organizes training programs for young graduates and professionals, as well as training for companies with a specific focus on innovation.
With an international perspective, it establishes partnerships with universities, schools, institutions, and companies.

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