Work Visa and Residence Permit

EU Employed Workers

As an EU resident, you do not need a Work Visa to enter Italy, as well as you do not need to obtain the Permesso di Soggiorno as long as you have a valid national ID (such as a Passport). However, when you settle in Milano for more than 90 days, you should enlist as temporary resident, or alternatively you may apply for residence.


NON - EU Employed Workers

Duration of stay in Italy: more than 90 days

Following the successful acquisition of the Nulla Osta per Lavoro, you must apply for your Work Visa by making an online appointment to go in person to the local Italian Consulate or Embassy in your country of legal residence.

You must apply for the Permesso di Soggiorno within eight working days of your arrival in Italy by going in person to a Post Office designated as a Sportello Amico, where you request, fill out and submit the yellow application kit. Download a simple guide to the completion of the application forms.

When you settle in Milano, you may apply for residence.

For the latest information about work visas and residence permits, download our employed workers booklet. 

Depending on your nationality, international professionals who want to work in Milano may need a permit to come to Italy and live and work here. 

The YesMilano Website provides additional resources on moving to Milano and living as a professional in the city.

For a detailed description of the steps and requirements to complete the immigration process, please download our booklet, and visit the links below for guidance on key documents that you will need to obtain.