The Italian singer-songwriter is always a nice emotion

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If “L’amore non è bello" or "Non c’è due senza te" had been published between 2017 and 2019, probably Giuseppe Peveri aka Dente today would be as famous (almost) as Tommaso Paradiso. Instead the second and the third albums realized by the singer-songwriter from Emilia came out between 2007 and 2009 - when the it-pop definition had not even been imagined and the record market was a place where pop made pop and indie music were independent for real. Fortunately now there is a lot of attention towards Italian music, and if The Giornalisti, Calcutta and Coez contributed, it must be acknowledged that artists like Dente, Brunori SAS or Le Luci della Centrale Elettricat ten years ago began opening a breach in Italian pop definition, showing a third songwriting path between mainstream and underground. Going back to see Dente’s concert is always a small emotion. We bet he will come home singing the song "Vieni a vivere".



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