Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie: accessibility

Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie
Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie, 3 20123

How to get there by public transport
Underground M1 line (Conciliazione stop).
Tram: 1, 16, 19; bus: 50, 58.
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In Via Fratelli Ruffini there are two parking spaces for disabled parking permit holders. In the adjacent streets it is possible to park on the blue lines.
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The get to the churchyard from the paved square in front of the church there is one step (12 cm). The main entrance has a hinged door (95 cm).


Interior spaces
The church was built in the site of a chapel dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie, it was commissioned by Ludovico il Moro and realized for the Dominican Brothers in Lombard Gothic style between 1466 and 1490. The church has three naves, with seven chapels on each side, and they are accessible. Three steps (12cm) lead from the side naves to the altar; alternatively it is possible to access the right-hand nave by a rubber-coated ramp (slope 17%) with handrail on both sides. From the left-hand nave there is a step (h 10 cm) that can be overcome by a rubber ramp (slope of 12%; width: 1,5m; length: 50 cm) and a double leaf glass door (77 cm each) leading to the chapel of Santa Maria delle Grazie where there are pews with kneelers (h 44 cm).

The Chiostro delle Rane can be reached by overcoming a double leaf door (85 cm wide each) on the left of the altar and 2 steps of different height (14 cm the first one, 16 cm the second one). This cloister can be reached also from the side entrance, in Via Caradosso, by 6 steps (h 15 cm), handrail on the right. People with disabilities can access the Chiostro delle Rane through the sacristy, that can be reached from the cappella di Santa Maria delle Grazie; you must overcome a ramp (slope of 12%; width 1 m, length 50 cm) and a double leaf door (width: 79 cm). This door is generally closed so you must get in touch with the staff to have it open.
Once in the Sacristy, you can access the Chiostro delle Rane by overcoming a gate (120 cm)
The old sacristy, also called the Bramante's sacristy, is a wide rectangular room, that can be accessed from the Chiostro delle rane, in front of the church. You can reach it by overcoming 2 steps (h 12 cm) and a door (110 cm).


Accessibility for people with sensory disabilities
The church has an informative panel (h 84 cm from the ground) with a short text in Italian, in English and in Braille. In the central part of the panel there is a raised map that allows to orientate inside the building. A depiction of the façade integrates visual and tactile contents. QR or NFC Reader for smartphone allow to access the contents available in various modes: audio mode for people with visual impairment and videos with subtitles and translation of texts in Lis (Italian Language of Signs) for people with hearing impairment; these audios and videos describe the building history, the structure, some artworks and the façade of the church.


Toilets are not open to the public, but disabled visitors or people with reduced mobility can ask the staff to use them. The toilet can be reached from the Chiostro delle Rane by overcoming a gate (125 cm) and a step (22 cm). They have the following characteristics:

  • Dressing room (door width: 48 cm)
  • Suspended washbasin (clear space in front: 180 cm)
  • Toilet door width: 70 cm
  • Floor-standing toilet (clear space: in front 110 cm, on the right side 44 cm; on the left side 44 cm).



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