Accessibility statement
The YesMilano portal has been designed and manufactured following the WCAG 2.0 guidelines recommended by the W3C’s WAI international standard in compliance with the WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements - level AA.

Furthermore, the control requirements of the Technical Protocol stated in the Law 4/2004, January 9th 2004 "Provisions to support the access of disabled people to information technologies” and its recent update with the Ministerial Decree of March 20th 2013 "Appendix A. Technical rules governing accessibility to educational tools and training for pupils with disabilities" have been adopted and applied.

The guiding principles for the creation of the portal have been defined on the basis of what is indicated by the W3C’s WAI, mainly the following:

Only the technologies specified by the W3C guidelines have been adopted
Each audio visual content has been provided with a content that, when presented to the user, performs essentially the same function or achieves the same purpose as the original content
The sole use of colour is not relied upon, therefore, text and graphics are comprehensible when viewed without colour
Markers and style sheets have been used appropriately
The layout has been designed specifically and guarantees the autonomy of the various devices (connected to responsive mode)
Clear and consistent navigation mechanisms have been designed and provided in order to increase the likelihood that a user will find what they are looking for on the portal
Tables equipped with the appropriate markers have been included so that the browser and the various users can transform them depending on their requirements
All the website pages have passed the HTML5 validation carried out with the W3C Validator.

As regards the semantics, a manual check has been carried out of all the main pages and of all the various templates used.

Furthermore, the website has been designed following W3C’s HTML5 and CSS3 standards making it a cross-browser and responsive to the resolutions on various mobile devices.

For reference browsers the main ones used by the market in the year 2014, and those that achieved a score in excess of 100 at the html 5 official test, have been taken into account and are mentioned below:

Firefox / gecko, version 30+
Safari / webkit, version 6+
Chrome / webkit, version 20+
Opera / webkit, version 15+
Internet Explorer / Trident, version 9+
The portal has been certified as being compatible with the following tablets:

iPad retina (iPad 3/4 Air/Air 2), iOS 7+
Android tablet 10", android os 4+
The portal has been certified as being compatible with the following smartphones:

iPhone 5/5c/5s iOS 7+
iPhone 6/6 plus iOS 8+
Lg Nexus 4, android os 4+
Lg Nexus 5, android os 4+