Milano is taking great strides towards sustainability: it is part of the C40 global network of almost 100 leading cities that collaborate to confront the climate crisis with the aim of halving the cities' emissions within a decade. 


As a visitor, you too can contribute to our goal: see below for our suggestions to experience Milano in a more sustainable way.

1. Use public transport

Upon arrival in the city, you could choose public transport to get around. ATM, Milano’s public transportation system, has a city-wide network, as does Trenord with its suburban trains: you will always be able to find a tram, bus, metro or train to take you wherever you want.


We suggest that you plan at least one ride on a characteristic city tram: admiring the landmarks and monuments, and watching the world go by outside, is a unique experience! Check out our tips for a ride on tram number 14


The Giromilano app will find the nearest stop to you and calculate your route


Download here the map of the subway and suburban railway lines.


Contactless payments can be used on the subway and on some train lines, or you can save by buying 1-day or 3-day travel tickets: find all the information here.

2. Travel around the city on foot, by bicycle or by scooter

Milano is not as extensive as many other major cities, and can be easily explored by bike, scooter or on foot to fully experience the urban vibe. For example, from the Duomo to the Castello Sforzesco, and then to Brera, only takes 15 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by bike.


We suggest a leisurely ride along the Navigli, the city canals, to discover their fascinating history and nature. 


You can use the bicycles (traditional and e-bikes) and scooters available from the city’s shared transport services: find all the information here


If you prefer to use a car to get around, you could use a car-sharing service: all the information on the companies offering vehicles in Milano can be found here

3. Fill your reusable bottle at the water fountains

We are all aware that one of the biggest problems for our planet is the use of disposable plastics. If, as you tour around the city, you take a water bottle or a reusable container with you, it can be refilled at one of the hundreds of public drinking fountains


Thanks to the continuous flow of water from these fountains, the Milanese affectionately call them “vedovelle” (weeping widows), alternatively they are known as “draghi verdi” (green dragons) because the cast iron structure is green and the spout is cast in the shape of a dragon (symbol of the Visconti, ancient lords of Milan, and one of the animals that adorn the facade of the Duomo).


Two fascinating facts.

The vedovelle in the City Life park are special: they are the only ones that have a different “dragon” for the water spout. Indeed, they are part of one of the park’s artworks, designed by Serena Vestrucci to all be a unique work of art in bronze. Keep a look out for them when you are in this neighbourhood!


The second is a real Milanese insider tip: no need to bend your head beneath the flow of water to drink directly from the fountain, just plug the spout with your hand, and the jet of water will spurt upwards from the dragon's head.

4. Enjoy dinner at a restaurant

…and if you have any leftovers, you can request to take them away with you. You might like to enjoy Milanese cuisine later in the evening, perhaps as a midnight snack under the stars!


Leftover food at the restaurant will only be thrown away, so this is a good way to reduce food waste.

5. Buy in local farmers' markets

Strolling through a market is a great way to immerse yourself in the life of the city that you are visiting. Buying your food from the local farmers' and producers' markets helps to reduce emissions, because shorter transportation of goods reduces the production of CO2.


If you get chatting with the vendors - you'll discover a whole new world of nurturing the planet and, naturally, some mouth-watering food. Get the best recipes directly from producers who are experts in their produce!


Discover the markets in Milano here


If you want to discover the typical products of our local area, check out our tips here.

6. Reduce waste while you travel

There are many ways to reduce your environmental impact while travelling, and certainly one of them is to limit and dispose of your own waste. Take care not to leave anything behind while visiting the city, you will find plenty of waste bins at your disposal. 


Cigarette butts are one of the materials that are slower to decompose: you can extinguish a cigarette on the rim of the purpose-made bins, then throw the butt inside.

Please note: smoking is always forbidden indoors, with the exception of some specially dedicated areas. In some parts of Milano, it is also prohibited to smoke outdoors, such as on public transport stops, in public green areas (unless there is a distance of at least 10 metres between people), in children’s playgrounds and in dog areas. In 2025, Milano will become a completely smoke-free city in all public areas.


We are working towards becoming increasingly plastic-free, and you too can make a difference, for example by requesting reusable and non-plastic straws as you enjoy a cocktail or an aperitif, or by bringing a canvas bag with you for shopping. Every small step helps!