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Last update: April 11, 2024

Le vie dell’acqua a Mediolanum

Civico Museo Archeologico - From May 18th, 2023 to June 2nd, 2024

The exhibition traces the close relationship between urban life and water in Roman times. The exploitation of water for the most diverse purposes (defensive, productive, hygienic, recreational, etc.) is one of the most important aspects of the Roman world.


Starting from Milan, whose bond with water determined its flourishing and prosperity over the centuries, the exhibition illustrates the many uses of this resource, from the defensive system, to the imposing Herculean baths, to artisan production. The traces of the past prove to be enlightening in giving us back the image of a humanity in close relationship with water: not only an asset to be exploited, but an essential element of the imaginary world.


Curated by the Civico Museo Archeologico, in collaboration with the Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio for the Metropolitan City of Milano and with the scientific contribution of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. 

Mariana Castillo Deball - Luce dietro tracce incompiute

Mudec | Museo delle Culture, agorà - From October 19th, 2023 to September 8th, 2024

"Luce dietro tracce incompiute" it is the textile installation by Mexican artist Mariana Castillo Deball (b. 1975), which will welcome visitors to the Museum in its monumental dimensions.

As part of the museum’s vision aimed at contemporary themes and practices, the Museum of Cultures presents for fall 2023 its second site-specific project, this time to be hosted in the heart of the Agora, which is a teaser for the upcoming exhibition Exposure, planned for March 2024.

Working with the collections of MUDEC and Fondazione Ratti, Mariana Castillo Deball selected twelve textile fragments from different geographies and periods of time, based on which she subsequently created her own watercolors.

These interpreted images were printed on fabric in an enlarged format, and assembled with additional textile elements at the NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti laboratories together with a group of students guided by Salvatore Averzano. In this way, three-dimensional “palimpsests" were formed, shimmering with different meanings and stories.  


Curated by Katya Inozemtseva and Sara Rizzo

In collaboration with NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, with the support of 24 Ore Cultura and Fondazione Deloitte



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Martin Parr. Short & Sweet

Mudec Museo delle Culture - From February 10th to June 30th, 2024

With a focus on the world of reportage and documentary photography, the collaboration with Magnum Photos continues through the exhibition Short & Sweetby Martin Parr, which shows more than 200 shots including 60medium and small formats chosen and selected by the author, and presented together with an interview made specifically for the show by the photography historian and critic Roberta Valtorta, to trace the career of one of the most famous contemporary photographers.

Through an itinerary that runs through his best-known projects, the unprecedented documentary style of the British photographer becomes a litmus test for observing contemporary society and its most contradictory aspects, without filters and outside of rhetoric. Starting with his early works in black and white, the exhibition is focused on themes that are dear to Parr -from 'sea life' to tourism. Also on display is a selection from the Common Sense installation, with over 200 A3 photographs chosen among the 350 that were shown at the homonymous 1999 exhibition, which sardonically explore the plasticised and tawdry reality of the Western world.


Curated by Martin Parr


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Milano città delle donne

Fabbrica del Vapore - From February 14th, 2024

Straordinarie and Appunti G are the two exhibitions that respectively inaugurate and conclude "Milano Città delle donne", which is the cultural programme that the Municipality of Milan presents to its citizens offering a rich agenda entirely centered on gender issues.

Appunti G

Dates to be determined

Laila Pozzo (art photographer) and Rita Pelusio (actress, author and director) create a collective game, which involved more than 180 women, from the most diverse professional and civil society backgrounds. Each protagonist drew, on her body or in space, a G as a symbol of identity, beauty and affirmation of her personality. Thanks to the collaboration with journalist Assunta Sarlo, the result is a kind of almanac, in pictures and words, vivid and varied, telling to women and men about the time in which we live.


PRESS OFFICE: Studio ESSECI di Sergio Campagnolo tel. - Referente Simone Raddi: simone@studioesseci.net

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Picasso. Metamorphosis of the Figure

Mudec Museo delle Culture - From February 22nd to June 30th, 2024

The exhibition consists of a nucleus of Picasso's paintings, drawings and sculptures from major European museums dedicated to the artist. In the exhibition these works will be placed in dialogue with artefacts of African art and beyond. The exhibition will primarily explore the dialogue between Picasso and the cultural sources that influenced him from the beginning of his career with a focus on the study for Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.

The exhibition also investigates the concept of the metamorphosis of the figure that accompanies all his artistic production and ends with a section devoted to Picasso's legacy through a focus on African artists who today are inspired by the works of the great 20th century painter.


Curated by Malén Gual and Ricardo Ostalé


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Brassaï. L’occhio di Parigi.

Palazzo Reale - From February 23rd to June 2nd, 2024

The exhibition, created in collaboration with Estate Brassaï and curated by Philippe Ribeyrolles, scholar and nephew of the great photographer, will present an in-depth and original approach to Brassaï’s oeuvre through over 200 vintage prints, with particular attention to the extremely famous images dedicated to the French capital and its life.

Hungarian by birth, but Parisian by adoption, Brassaï was one of the protagonists of world photography, defined by his friend Henry Miller as “the living eye” of photography.

Starting from 1924, he participated in the great cultural ferment that hit Paris in those years, experiencing a tight link to the surrealist movement and a close relationship with artists such as Picasso, Dalí and Matisse.

His photographs dedicated to the life in the capital – from the working-class neighborhoods to the great symbolic monuments, from fashion to portraits of his artist friends, to graffiti and nightlife – are today iconic images that immediately identify the portray of Paris in the collective imagination.


Curated by Philippe Ribeyrolles


Press Office: Studio ESSECI. Simone Raddi | simone@studioesseci.net

De Nittis. Painter of modern life

Palazzo Reale - From February 24th to June 30th, 2024

For the first time Palazzo Reale celebrates the talent of Giuseppe De Nittis in a monographic exhibition featuring around 90 paintings, both oils and pastels, coming from the main public and private collections, Italian and foreign, including the Musée d'Orsay and the Petit Palais of Paris, the Musée des Beaux-Arts of Reims and that of Dunkerke, the Uffizi of Florence – to name a few -, in addition to the extraordinary nucleus preserved at the GAM in Milan and a selection from the Pinacoteca of Barletta, named after the painter, which preserves a relevant number of works following the bequest of the widow, Léontine De Nittis.

De Nittis was, together with Boldini, the greatest of the Italians in Paris, where he managed to stand in comparison with Manet, Degas and the Impressionists. With the latter he was able to share, despite the diversity of pictorial language, the aspiration to revolutionize the very idea of painting, once and for all dismantling the hierarchy of genres to achieve that autonomy of art which has been the greatest aspiration of modernity.


Curated by Fernando Mazzocca and Paola Zatti


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Eternal images. Art in Ancient Egypt

Civico Museo Archeologico - From March 1st to December 31st, 2024

The countless images that have come down to us from Ancient Egypt-sculptures, reliefs, paintings-are vivid records of the society that produced them. They are immediately recognizable images because they reflect a precise artistic canon, deeply linked to the Egyptian civilization's vision of the world, both human and divine.

The aim of the exhibition held at the Civic Archaeological Museum is to present Egyptian art and some of its specific features through a selection of artifacts from its collection.


Curated by Sabrina Ceruti

Exposure. Art, Culture, Fashion in and out of the showcase (working title)

Mudec Museo delle Culture - From March 1st to September 8th, 2024

The exhibition reflects on the traditional concept of the vitrine and its centrality in exhibition projects, where it both separates and displays the object.

Opening in the Permanent Collection with a special intervention by contemporary artist Theo Eshetu, the exhibition in the Focus rooms is divided into two sections: the first is devoted to the history of the display case, and the second places the vitrine at the centre of contemporary practice, with works by Mark Dion, Sam Durant and Monia Ben Hamouda with her site-specific installation.


Curated by Katya Inozemtseva and Sara Rizzo


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Here they fought! 1914-1918 On the Great War trails by Alessio Franconi

Palazzo Moriggia | Museo del Risorgimento - From March 7th to April 14th, 2024

The photographic exhibition explores the trails of the Great War through splendid images, accompanying us on a long journey from the Alps to the Carpathian Mountains, to remember the life and legacy of those who left to never return, towards a deeper understanding of the value of peace.


Curated by Alessio Franconi e Palazzo Moriggia Civiche Raccolte Storiche | Museo del Risorgimento


Un mare di carta

Acquario Civico di Milano - From March 13th to April 21st, 2024

Un mare di carta is the first solo exhibition in Milan by the artist Valeria Manzi and offers a particular linguistic combination of poetry, graphics and design.

The exhibition presents the production of particular sculpture-objects of variable dimensions, made with different paper supports and placed within a path in which the performance and the installation produce a particular contamination between sound-word, gesture-material and video document.


Curated by Ida Terracciano

Cézanne / Renoir. Capolavori dal Musée de l’Orangerie e dal Musée d’Orsay

Palazzo Reale - From March 19th to June 30th, 2024

In the prestigious exhibition rooms of the Palazzo Reale in Milan, fiftytwo masterpieces chronicling the lives of two masters who contributed to the birth of one of the most incredible movements in art history.

A journey through their most iconic paintings, from portraits to landscapes to bathers, an epic confrontation between two key figures of Impressionism. Curated by Cécile Girardeau of the Museé d'Orsay and Stefano Zuffi art historian and curator of some of the most important art exhibition projects staged in Italy.


Curated by Cécile Girardeau and Stefano Zuffi.

Press Office: CLP - Anna de Francesco anna.defrancesco@clp1968.it

Adrian Piper. Race Traitor

PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea - From March 19th to June 9th, 2024

The first European retrospective of the artist Adrian Piper born in New York City in 1948 traces over sixty years of career, with important international loans from the most prestigious European and American museums, including MoMa and Guggenheim in New York City, MoMa in San Francisco, MCA in Chicago, MOCA in Los Angeles and the Tate Modern in London.

Awarded the Golden Lion at 2015 Venice Biennale, Adrian Piper’s oeuvre has often raised uncomfortable questions about politics and racial identity: her work is provocative and asks visitors to confront with themselves and the society they live in. Her production includes performances and interventions in public places, paintings and sculptures, as well as events and objects that are difficult to define according to the conventional terms of art history.

The core of her theoretical, artistic and activist practice is the concept of permanent struggle against racism, misogyny, xenophobia, social injustice and hatred on all fronts.


Curated by Diego Sileo


Press Office: PCM Studio di Paola C. Manfredi press@paolamanfredi.com


Tatuaggio. Storie dal Mediterraneo

Mudec Museo delle Culture - From March 28th to July 28th, 2024

The exhibition aims to recount, from its earliest origins and with an anthropological slant that starts from Italy and the Mediterranean area, the history of tattooing, which according to many scholars constitutes the first gesture by which humans consciously differentiates themself from the animal world.

The exhibition project is articulated and starting from evidence that goes far back in time to the Paleolithic and over the millennia it has gradually taken on different meanings and functions.

Through the display of original artifacts or reproductions and projections of photographs and films, the exhibition will cover more than seven thousand years of human history: starting with Ötzi, the oldest tattooed man whose body has been found so far, and touching on current geopolitical events, with the tattoos, in Egypt, of Coptic crosses, or those of Coptic Kurdish women in Syrian refugee camps. But equally vast will be the geographical panorama, starting with the oldest artifacts found in the Mediterranean Basin.


Curated by Luisa Gnecchi Ruscone, with the collaboration of Francesca Jurate Piacenti


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From the Heart to the Hands - Dolce&Gabbana

Palazzo Reale - From April 7th to July 31st, 2024

‘From the Heart to the Hands: Dolce&Gabbana’ will bring together the fashion house’s one-of-a-kind creations for the very first time. The exhibition will be an open love letter to Italian culture as the enduring inspiration for Dolce&Gabbana’s fashion designs, tracing the extraordinary translation of Domenico Dolce’s and Stefano Gabbana’s ideas, from the heart through to their realization, by hand.

The exhibition, which will launch in Milan and then tour worldwide, will celebrate the brand as a symbol of Italian style, following the dreams of Alta Moda, and explore its unconventional approach to the world of luxury: elegant, sensual and unique, yet humorous, irreverent, and subversive.

Curated by Florence Müller, and produced by IMG, the exhibition will also feature work by visual artists in dialogue with Dolce&Gabbana’s celebrated designs.

The archive and new collections will be displayed in a series of themes highlighting the many layers of Italian cultural influences at work in their approach to fashion design – these include art, architecture, artisanal craft, cities and their regional topography, music, Opera and Ballet, folk traditions, theatre and of course – “la dolce vita”.


Curated by Florence Müller


Press Office: PCM Studio di Paola C. Manfredi | press@paolamanfredi.com  

Federica Farci | federica@paolamanfredi.com 

Francesca Ceriani | francesca@paolamanfredi.com 

Tesori Riflessi

Palazzo Reale - From April 7th to July 31st, 2024

In the heart of Milan, from 7 April to 31 July 2024, Palazzo Reale presents an exhibition and a focus that together synthesize the taste and history of Italian savoir faire.  

On the occasion of the exhibition Dal Cuore alle mani dedicated to the creativity of Dolce&Gabbana, Palazzo Reale intends to enhance its historical and artistic heritage and return to the public’s vision some historical pieces, once part of its collections, putting them in dialogue with the creations of fine jewelry and design of the two designers.

The display Tesori Riflessi was created with the aim of highlighting five artists of extraordinary ability – active between '700 and '800 – who were the protagonists of the creation of the decorative apparatus and of the furnishings of Palazzo Reale in Milan with works that influenced the fashion, taste and design of the following centuries: the mosaicist Giacomo Raffaelli, the Manfredini Workshop, the decorator Giocondo Albertolli, the tapestry master Michel Audran and the excellent sculptor Antonio Canova. 

Within the exhibition path unfold the most significant pages of the history of the Palace also telling the representation of power and prestige through the decorative arts, to this day, in which the craftsmanship of the past guides the great Italian brands, among the most important in the world.

Press Office: Francesca Ceriani francesca@paolamanfredi.com

Haris Epaminonda | VOL. XXXI: Futurism Drama

Museo del Novecento - From April 10th to May 12th, 2024

In conjunction with Artweek 2024, Museo del Novecento presents "VOL. XXXI: Futurism Drama", a site-specific project by Cypriot artist Haris Epaminonda.

The exhibition, organized by the Henraux Foundation and curated by Edoardo Bonaspetti, opens up a dialogue in the Gallery of Futurism between the expressions of the avantgarde, the sculpture of Medardo Rosso and the artist’s own work.

Epaminonda, winner of the first edition of the Henraux Foundation’s Sculpture Commission, creates layered installations that see planes and poetic visions intersect, her painstaking formal refinement coexisting with the dimensions of the unfinished. In a time that seems to us to be increasingly divisive and uncertain, the artist’s compositions remind us not only of the importance of the connection between different cultural traditions and forms of thinking, but also of the value and the qualities that possible new worlds can take on.


Curated by Edoardo Bonaspetti

Masbedo - Ritratto di Città (20/20.000Hz)

Museo del Novecento - From April 10th to June 30th, 2024

The Museo del Novecento of Milan presents Ritratto di Città (Portrait of a City), a project by Masbedo (Iacopo Bedogni and Niccolò Massazza) by Cloe Piccoli, which is the result of the artists’ participation to the tender Italian Council XI of the Ministry of Culture.

Ritratto di Città, a large, multi-channel audio-visual installation, speaks of Milan’s cultural rebirth: from the electronic music of the Studio di Fonologia RAI (RAI studio for musical phonology) to the inventions of Luciano Berio and Bruno Maderna, the gaze widens to architecture (BBPR), art (Lucio Fontana), cinema (Michelangelo Antonioni), and graphics.

The tale spans eras and disciplines and reaches as far as the contemporary, focusing on innovation, vision and the democratic spirit of Milan.


Curated by Cloe Piccoli

Magali Reus | Off Script Pomodoro Sculpture Prize

Museo del Novecento - From April 10th to June 30th, 2024

On the occasion of Art Week 2024, the Museo del Novecento presents a focus-exhibition dedicated to Dutch artist Magali Reus, curated by Federico Giani, winner of the 7th edition of the Arnaldo Pomodoro Sculpture Prize.

In her practice, Reus accumulates images and objects of everyday life, distorting and reinventing them through the construction of meticulous sculptural puzzles, in which craftsmanship is mixed with the application of new technologies.

Embracing in some ways the legacy of Pop Art’s gaze on the banality of the everyday, Reus isolates and alienates a reality that is recognisable at first sight, opening up, before the viewer’s eyes, new perspectives of approach and understanding of the world around us.


Curated by Federico Giani

Il mistero dell’acqua

Acquario Civico di Milano - From May 3st to May 26th, 2024 

An itinerary inspired by the events of Jonah and Moby Dick and by T. S. Eliot’s poetics.

The prophet goes through the experience of immersion in the deep waters, of darkness inside the "big fish," floating sepulcher and bringer of salvation. The waters, first adverse and then regenerating, become a purifying element.

Moby Dick is somehow a symbol of a mysterious, pursued and ineffable “Beyond”. In Eliot, immersion (“The river is within us, the sea is all about us”) leads to change.

These themes are reinterpreted and made their own through the filter of the artist's painting and vision.


Curated by Paolo Biscottini 

Ercole Pignatelli e Guernica

Palazzo Reale – Sala delle Cariatidi - From May 4th to 16th, 2024

In 1953 Guernica’s great artwork from the MoMA of New York, where it had been kept since 1939, was exhibited at Palazzo Reale for the first time. The operation was made by Picasso’s own will, who found his natural frame in the Caryatids Hall still marked by the bombing.

Seventy years later, to celebrate the moment which marked the history of Italian art and the history of Palazzo Reale as an exibition venue, the artist Ercole Pignatelli reinterpreted Guernica, as a performance key, painting for twelve days, with his now famous gestural painting, a canvas of the same size.

The intervention gives back emotions and thoughts that the masterpiece has aroused in the still 18 years old artist, filtered through the experience and the knowledgeable hand of his 88 years old.  

“… per gitar diverse linee”. Disegni a pietra rossa da Leonardo alle Accademie

Castello Sforzesco - From May 8th to August 18th, 2024

The collaboration between the Netherlands Interuniversity Institute for Art History in Florence, directed by Michael W. Kwakkelstein, and the Collection of Drawings of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, gave life to the project Drawings in red chalk at the Castello Sforzesco.

This medium, recently studied and explored at a conference held in 2019 at the Florentine Institute, represents one of the most interesting and widespread graphic means that artists have adopted for the most diverse purposes.

The exhibition aims to highlight the most important drawings in terms of quality and collection history, for the different uses, for the disparate stylistic uses that have made this medium fundamental in artistic practice and aesthetic research.

Small is Beautiful

Fabbrica del Vapore - From May 9th to September 22th, 2024

Small is Beautiful is the largest international exhibition entirely dedicated to miniature art, an art form that plays with scale and perspective.

Within the event, works by 40 leading representatives of miniature art will be on display, including such notables as Vincent Bal or Danny Cortes. Miniature art is an immersive experience for all audiences.

The exhibition offers privileged access to the works, a unique, behind-the-scenes view that allows the viewer to immerse themselves in small-scale worlds full of finesse and poetry.

Small is beautiful is an inclusive exhibition that will attract a wide audience, because miniature art has no boundaries, intrigues and awakens everyone's childhood soul. 

MilanoVetro-35, 4TH Edition

Castello Sforzesco - From May 29th to October 13th, 2024 

The Castello Sforzesco hosts an important permanent collection of glass artworks from the 20th-21th centuries and it’s organizing the 4th Edition of the Biennial International Art and Design Glass Competition MilanoVetro-35.

The award is aimed at young creatives who work with glass material, in its various processing techniques and artistic experimentations. The exhibition displays the finalists’works, from which an international jury will select the awardees.

The award ceremony will take place during the opening, with the awarding of the "Aldo Bellini" prize-acquisition (the work will become part of the Castello Sforzesco Collections) and the other prizes consisting in artist residencies and material for new works.


Exposing the War

Museo del Risorgimento - June - September, 2024

In 1924 the Civic Historical Collections, under the direction of Antonio Monti, started the creation of the War Archive, to collect evidence of the First World War. From this project -from 1935 to 1943 - was born in the rooms of the Sforzesco Castle the War Museum (later the Museum of the Italian Wars in an increasingly propagandistic perspective of the fascist regime).

100 years after - and 110 years after the outbreak of the First World War - the Civic Historical Collections are questioning on the communication strategies, on the choices that the idea of "Exposing the war" has meant for its own history.


Ballo & Ballo Studio: Photography and Italian Design

Castello Sforzesco - Sale Viscontee - From June 10th to November 10th, 2024

The Studio Ballo & Ballo’s photographic archive was given to the Civic Photographic Archive in 2022.

The exhibiton is part of a larger project of promotion, winner of the grant “Strategia Fotografia 2023” of General Contemporary Creativity Direction of Ministry of Culture. Various original materials will be showed in the exhibition, such as photographies, inventories, cameras, working tools, objects, to tell a unique story about the activity of an extraordinary studio and laboratory, showing how it created a new photographic language for Italian design, in straight connection with the most innovative environments of their time, in the fields of Design, Art, Architecture.

With a Grant by Italian Ministry of Culture: Strategia Fotografia 2023

Camera Picta Buganza

Fabbrica del Vapore - June 2024

Camera Picta is an installation that builds on a long association with painting and theater.

A reflection on the time we live in, the hydrogeological, economic and political Apocalypse and the inability of mankind to grasp its warnings, blinded by greed and a lack of empathy.

If the compositional layout cites the famous pictorial cycles of the past, the themes and subjects are nourished by the present: a new figuration that takes its cue from social networks, from its rites and symbols, from the compulsive and alienating obsession with the visual.

Mare nostrum. Onus nostrum. Louise Manzon

Acquario Civico di Milano  - From June to September, 2024 

Tackling environmental problems has now become one of the imperatives of contemporary man and art stands as a sentinel and witness to this challenge. Louise manzon’s research, through the powerful weapon of empathy, makes us reflect on the fact that the mare nostrum is also the onus nostrum and that is our precise responsibility.

Through his skill and sensitivity, the artist creates evocative visions that seem to exist in a sort of boundary between reality and fantasy.

The works highlight the fragility that the great power of our ecosystem.


Curated by Marina Mojana

Liliana Moro 

PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea - From June to September, 2024

A project co-produced with Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, in collaboration with Magazzino Italian Art in New York. The exhibition, which in Milan features Liliana Moro in the city where she was born, includes works created over a period of time starting from the end of the Eighties up to the present day with the creation of new works and aims at delving deeper into a fundamental aspect of her work: sound.

Liliana Moro's practice of continuous listening encourages us to be attentive and invites us to participate physically, as well as intellectually and emotionally. Her artistic production has seen different phases and explored different expressive means such as sounds, words, sculpture, performance, drawing, collage, and video.

Her works are often based on everyday objects and situations and invite the viewer to look beyond what is only seemingly obvious.


Curated by Letizia Ragaglia and Diego Sileo


Press Office: PCM Studio di Paola C. Manfredi press@paolamanfredi.com

Valerio Adami. Painter of Ideas

Palazzo Reale - From July 17th to September 22, 2024

Palazzo Reale presents an anthology that celebrates sixty years of research by Valerio Adami, a well-known european painter - he lived between France and Italy - recognized as a valid interlocutor by all contemporary philosophers.


His paintings, almost always large format, give a great visual impact, therefore the artist has sometimes been defined as "pop".


Behind straightforward images is hidden a more complex narrative: the Adami’s artworks are rich in sophisticated visual metaphors, representing the evolution of ideas through the European and Western thought.
The exhibition is realized in collaboration with Valerio Adami Archive.



Curated by Marco Meneguzzo

Mike Bongiorno. The Centennial 1924 – 2024

Palazzo Reale - From September 17th to November 17th, 2024

Mike Bongiorno contributed to the development of Italian television, leaving an indelible mark that has piqued the interest of sociologists, communication experts, and television critics due to his extraordinary ability to reach everyone with a unique and engaging language.

Through his personal and professional journey, the exhibition aims to delve into the significant role of television in Italian society from the post-World War II period onwards and demonstrate how television broadcasts have contributed to shaping the customs, habits, consumption patterns, and political opinions of the population far more than other media.

By entering the homes of Italians, television became an instrument for the nationalization of the masses, triggering the process of spreading language, information, entertainment, and cultural content. This process generated, among the citizens of our country, the development of common tastes and interests.


Press Office: Antonio Naselli

Picasso lo straniero 

Palazzo Reale - From September 20th, 2024 to February 2nd, 2025

Based on years of new researches, the exhibition changes our view of Picasso by highlighting his status as an eternal foreigner and reflects on how France, in the early twentieth century, was not a heaven for foreigner artists. The topic is relevant: problems of immigration and nationalism are at the forefront of the international debate. An artist ahead of his time both in terms of aesthetics and politics emerges from these studies.

The six sections will be illustrated by around 80 art works including paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs and archive documents from the Musée national Picasso-Paris. The exhibition will therefore follow the aesthetics and political trajectory of the artist, to understand how he shaped his own identity by living in an uneasy position as an eternal stranger.


Curated by Annie Cohen-Solal and Sébastien Delot


Press Office: Marsilio Arte ufficio.stampa@marsilioarte.it; Giovanna Ambrosano – g.ambrosano@marsilioarte.it

Alberto Martini e la danza macabra

Castello Sforzesco - Salette della Grafica - From September 27th, 2024 to January 7th, 2025

On the occasion of the celebrations of the artist Alberto Martini, organized in 2024 to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of his death, in collaboration with the Oderzo Cultura Foundation which will kick off the celebratory events in the artist's hometown, the Castello Sforzesco exhibits an important nucleus of Martini's works preserved in the civic collections.

The exhibition investigates the theme of the allegory of death and the danse macabre, addressed by Martini in some important works, such as L'Albo della morte (1894-1896), an exceptional cycle of drawings, of clear Nordic inspiration, to go as far as the famous postcards of the European Danse Macabre, published by the publisher Longo of Treviso on the occasion of the First World War.

Martini's works are accompanied by precious examples of European graphics, also kept in the Castle's collections, dedicated precisely to the theme of the Totentanz.


Press Office: Villaggio Globale International

Jean-Marie Barotte

Fabbrica del Vapore - September 2024

The exhibition traces the artist's journey since 1987 with a section entitled Au commencement était le signe, the beginning of his pictorial journey during international tours with the theatre, up to the series of Tout se tient en équilibre précaire, in December 2020 , a month before his death.

In his works, the formal composition, the materials and the color constitute philosophical conceptual scenes, where each element refers, as in a game of mirrors, to the literary references on which the artist incessantly nourished himself.

The exhibition itinerary takes into consideration temporality, the place that determines cultural influence and literary sources of inspiration, the themes that trace intellectual and spiritual research, formal research, matter and technique.

Viaggio intorno a un albero

Museo di Storia Naturale - From September to October, 2024

The exhibition deals with the theme of the tree as a living being but also as the home of biodiversity, showing what and how many organisms can live in it and interact with the tree and the city, trying to discover together how it is possible to protect and conserve this variety of life.

The exhibition is meant to be a teaching to travel, an invitation to take a journey that is new and yet ancient and, at times, never ceased.

Begun together with the appearance of man himself and his tireless explorations of the world, this journey continues to this day at the foot and top of a single tree, in a large city, to discover and contemplate once again the nature we do not know


Curated by Claudia Canedoli and Emilio Padoa Schioppa

Edvard Munch

Palazzo Reale - From September, 2024 to January, 2025

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of his death, Palazzo Reale and Arthemisia in collaboration with the MUNCH Museum in Oslo, present a prestigious cultural event, a large monographic exhibition dedicated to one of the most beloved and popular artists of the last century: Edvard Munch.

During his artistic career, Edvard Munch explored questions of perennial existential significance and challenged the expressions of art.

In this large exhibition, Munch’s art will be explored from 1880 until his death in 1944.


The exhibition brings together 100 works including paintings, drawings and prints all from the MUNCH Museum in Oslo.


Curated by Patricia Berman


Press Office: Arthemisia - Salvatore Macaluso | sam@arthemisia.it - press@arthemisia.it

Ugo Mulas. L’operazione fotografica

Palazzo Reale - From October 3rd, 2024 to January 26th, 2025

This new interpretation of Ugo Mulas' oeuvre collects more than 300 pictures and underlines the artist's interest in the "totality" of photographic language.

The project highlights the stages of the photographer's career: his debut in Milan at the Bar Jamaica and Brera, the Venice Art Biennale, his experiences with design, fashion and stylist Mila Schön. Mulas' relationship with the theater and with G. Strehler, his friendship with M. Duchamp and L. Fontana, the reportage dedicated to New York and its artists, Mulas' connection with culture and literature, in particular the affinity for E. Montale.

Not least, the story of the industry, with the work on Olivetti, Pirelli, Bormioli and the Italian economic boom. The shots of major trips abroad and to the main Italian cities are notable.


Curated by Denis Curti and Alberto Salvadori


Press Office: Marsilio Arte ufficio.stampa@marsilioarte.it; Giovanna Ambrosano – g.ambrosano@marsilioarte.it

From Dubuffet to Art Brut 

Mudec Museo delle Culture - From October 16th, 2024 to February 16th, 2025

The projects realised in collaboration with Collection de l’Art Brut in Lausanne and illustrates the genesis of the genre commonly known as Art Brut by presenting its creator, Jean Dubuffet, who first coined the term Art Brut to denote spontaneous creations, born from the shadows, sometimes from troubled lives, generally by artists who created art without academic training.

Dubuffet spent years researching this artistic expression and its protagonists in the most remote and tormented places, such as the Swiss asylums he visited in 1945. In 1971, Dubuffet donated his collection consisting of 5,000 works and 133 draftsmen to the City of Lausanne.

The Collection de l'Art Brut, which opened to the public in 1976, now has more than 70,000 works. Alongside works by the most iconic artists of Art Brut from the Lausanne collection, (Adolf Wölfli, Aloïse Corbaz, Madge Gill), a section curated by Baptiste Brun will display a selection of works by Dubuffet.

There will be also a great presence of international artists and Italian representatives of the genre such as Carlo Zinelli.


Curated by Sarah Lombardi, Anic Zanzi and Baptiste Brun.

Sono Tazza Di Te

CASVA at Fabbrica del Vapore - October 2024

The DcomeDesign association presents the second edition of the exhibition Sono Tazza Di Te!

The exhibition was born from an open call addressed to women designers - designers, artisans, artists, architects, in a word "artists", masters in the use of the most varied materials, who have unleashed their imagination to give life to the most disparate types of cups, making them into real objects of desire.

Insulae. Aqua

Acquario Civico di Milano - From October to November, 2024

A photographic survey of the landscape and community of a truly remote island.

An open and participatory exhibition project listening to the territory and the community that inhabits the small island of Linosa, a fascinating and magnetic place with unique landscape, geographical and naturalistic peculiarities, a triumph of environmental, biological and vital complexity.

The exhibition presents a gaze elsewhere revealing the inhabitants of a remote and isolated island and the sense of living south of the border.

An existential dimension that unites those strips of land surrounded only by the deep blue, scattered in an ocean of water, where even the way of thinking takes on unique characteristics, that blue mind that permeates the sense of living and binds forever in the soul those who are born there or live there for long periods, but also becomes a contemporary metaphor for our living, where change is the only constant and where the coexistence of opposites takes place in a fluid way, without barriers.


Curated by Alessandra Klimciuk

Niki de Saint Phalle

Mudec Museo delle Culture - From October, 2024 to February, 2025

The retrospective exhibition dedicated to Niki de Saint Phalle, organised for the first time in a major Italian public institution, celebrates the Franco-American artist known for her large and colourful Nanas and for her masterpiece created on the Sienese hills, The Tarot Garden, but also reveals her committed, feminist and political side through an articulated reinterpretation of her entire work.

The artist's discourse relates to the myths of the Mediterranean world, to Pop Culture and Western art, and looks at Indian and Mesoamerican symbols. The culturalstratification that nourishes her works traces a universal and plural history of humanity characterised.

Through a variety of languages Niki was able to speak to all generations, conveying an inclusive, diversity-conscious, non-eurocentric and non-hierarchical discourse and anticipating many issues of today's artistic, social and cultural debate.


Curated by Lucia Pesapane


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Enrico Baj

Palazzo Reale - From October, 2024 to February, 2025

One hundred years after his birth, an exhibition pays homage to Enrico Baj (Milan 1924 - Vergiate 2003), the master of Dames and Generals, of Meccanoes and Body Snatchers, an irreverent genius, a light-hearted anarchist, a pataphysical artist, told for the first time through the words of the great writers of the 20th century who intertwined their words with his lyrical and caustic images.

From André Breton to Raymond Queneau, from Marcel Proust to Italo Calvino, from Edoardo Sanguineti to Umberto Eco.


Curated by Chiara Gatti and Roberta Cerini Baj


Press Office: ilaria.maggi@electa.it - monica.brognoli@electa.it

Matteotti and Milan

Palazzo Moriggia | Museo del Risorgimento - Sala Vetri - From November to December, 2024

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the murder of Giacomo Matteotti, the Anna Kuliscioff Foundation organizes, in collaboration with the Civic Historical Collections, an exhibition that aims to investigate his relationship with the city of Milan.

The first section of the exhibition explores his role as editor of "Avanti!" - based in Milan - and will remember his journalistic activity, starting from 1922, for "La giustizia", organ of the socialist party of which Matteotti was Secretary.

The second part of the exhibition illustrates through the letters of Anna Kuliscioff and Filippo Turati the reaction of the city to the kidnapping and murder of Matteotti.

The exhibition ends by illustrating the traces of Matteotti’s memory that have remained impressed in the city through the naming of streets, circles and party sections.


Curated by the Kuliscioff Foundation

The city on the water

Acquario Civico di Milano - From November to December, 2024

Giancarlo Leone is an architect and urban planner - "in the sense of a scholar of the city" as he himself claims, but in reality his way of designing underlies the idea that designing a new built reality - a building, a neighbourhood, a park, perhaps even a domestic interior - still means dealing with the idea of the city.

The particularity of his images, their indisputable charm in narrating a liquid universe of which Leone seems to have discovered the secret access door, perhaps lies precisely in their origin from a variation on this design thought.

Marcello Maloberti 

PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea - From November, 2024 to February, 2025

A project specifically designed for PAC and outlining Marcello Maloberti’s entire oeuvre.

The exhibition is a dedication to Milan, which becomes the real protagonist of the show. A love declaration that Maloberti makes to the city and its inhabitants, a place full of history that accompanied him in building his career.

Through his works, the artist intertwines the key themes of his research, creating continuous connections that help the works to coexist and live with each other. Sacredness and the spiritual element emerge among these themes, a continuous reference to everyday life and the elevation of the written word in the form of poetry.

Maloberti relates to PAC using both its external and internal spaces, and creating an installation contrasting with Ignazio Gardella’s modernist aesthetics.


Curated by Diego Sileo


Press Office: PCM Studio di Paola C. Manfredi press@paolamanfredi.com

Tim Burton's Labyrinth

Fabbrica del Vapore - From December 6, 2024 to March 2, 2025

This immersive experience exhibition consists of an exciting labyrinth that showcases different themes from the filmmaker, via a variety of rooms containing original artworks and utilizing technology, lights, sound, and scenography from his movies.

Visitors will chart their own course through the mind of the genius to explore his favorite characters and environments from his wide and celebrated filmography. In this way, the exhibition provides a unique experience; an exciting journey through the creative universe of the director, producer, writer, and artist that has amazed both children and adults with such films as Beetlejuice, Batman, Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 




Palazzo Reale - From February 12th to June 22nd, 2025

The exhibition dedicated to Felice Casorati is the first anthology hosted in Milan after the 1990 exhibition at Palazzo Reale.

The project recalls the artist's creative parable, through masterpieces coming from prestigious Italian public institutions and private collections, with some selected loans from European museums as well. Essential is the collaboration with the Felice Casorati Archive, which will lend five paintings, as well as graphics, drawings and documents.

With an innovative approach, we want to highlight the multifaceted activity of the artist. In fact, Casorati has always obtained original results thanks to continuous experimentation in drawing, but also in illustration and music, passions that led him to a highly appreciated activity as a set designer and costume designer.


Curated by Giorgia Bertolino, Ferdinando Mazzocca and Francesco Poli


Press Office: Marsilio Arte ufficio.stampa@marsilioarte.it Giovanna Ambrosano – g.ambrosano@marsilioarte.it

Intorno al 1925. Il Trionfo dell'Art Déco

Palazzo Reale - From February to June 2025

The year 2025 marks the centenary of the Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes opened in Paris in the spring of 1925, which was the codification of a new international taste that spread through Europe in the early post-war period, defined from that moment on as 'Style 1925' or Art Deco.

The exhibition presents works of art, artifacts, images, and reinterpretations of a series of historical-cultural events and artistic phenomena that unfolded in Italy and Europe in just under ten years.

During this time, these influences gradually took on national characteristics, both in architecture and interiors, and in objects and furnishings, highlighting the relationship between form and function, as well as between high artistic craftsmanship and proto-Industrial Design.

At the same time, an account will be given of the political-economic and cultural events that marked and influenced the decisions of that decade, during which the foundations were laid for the success of "Italian Style" within a new international taste.


Curated by Valerio Terraroli


Press Office: 24OreCultura Elettra Occhini elettra.occhini@ilsole24ore.com

Shirin Neshat

PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea - From March to June 2025

The first large solo exhibition in Italy by Iranian artist Shirin Neshat, who through her film and photographic works explores the identity representations of feminine and masculine in her culture.

In the tormented photographs of women, with their faces marked by Farsi calligraphy or wearing the hijab and holding guns, the woman’s gaze becomes a powerful and dangerous communication tool. Concepts such as martyrdom, the space of exile and matters of identity are examined through poetry and calligraphy.

In her practice, the artist uses poetic imagery to deal with the themes of gender and society, the individual and the community and the dialectical relationship between past and present, through the lens of her experiences of belonging and exile. 


Curated by Diego Sileo and Beatrice Benedetti  


Ufficio Stampa: PCM Studio di Paola C. Manfredi press@paolamanfredi.com


Travelogue. Histories of travel, migration and diaspore

Mudec Museo delle Culture - From March to September 2025 

Dedicated to the transversal theme of travel, the exhibition highlights the genesis of the MUDEC collections, built up by exotic artefacts donated by enthusiasts, travellers and researchers.

Starting from the “materiality” of travel (means of transport, souvenirs, suitcases, etc.), the exhibition opens up a new perspective for a different understanding not only of tourism/travel, but also of the migrations and diasporas that have marked and continue to mark recent history, with contributions by contemporary artists.


Curated by Katya Inozemtseva and Sara Rizzo


Press Office 24 ORE CULTURA - GRUPPO 24 ORE | Elettra Occhini | elettra.occhini@ilsole24ore.com 

Leonor Fini: Lo Sguardo della Sfinge

Palazzo Reale - Spring, 2025

The monograph dedicated to Leonor Fini is part of a series of exhibitions that Palazzo Reale has been dedicating to the movement of Surrealism for some time. 

Her work addresses fundamental issues of contemporary society, such as the questioning of gender, identity, belonging, established models of family, masculinity and femininity.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by the reflections that her art provoked in important writers and artists of her time, including Jean Genet, Max Ernst or Jean Cocteau. The identification with the Sphinx, a legendary creature, is also the curators' statement of principles about the multifaceted aspects of her work and about its ever-evolving nature.

The exhibition includes painting, drawing, photography, decorative art, fashion design, costumes, artist's books and documents to emphasize the artist's multifaceted nature.


Curated by Tere Arcq and Carlos Martín


PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea - From July to September, 2025

In collaboration with New York-located Participant INC, this is the first anthological exhibition of artist Alessandro Codagnone and John Lovett.

Born in Milan in 1995, the Italian-American duo has ranged with their oeuvre from photography to sculpture, from video to installation up to performance, a medium which often sees the two artists as protagonists in an ironic role-play aimed at unmasking the power relations that are defined within interpersonal relationships.

Their art explores the dynamics of power and reflects on those processes of normalization in progress that castrate and suffocate sub-cultures, practices of dissent, the affirmation of the subjective.

Six years after Codagnone’s death, the exhibition will be a unique opportunity to understand his relevance in the artistic panorama and his influence on the next generations.


Curated by Diego Sileo


Press Office: PCM Studio di Paola C. Manfredi press@paolamanfredi.com


Pellizza da Volpedo

Galleria d’Arte Moderna - From September to December, 2025

More than a century after the latest and only monographic exhibition devoted to Giuseppe Pellizza, held at Galleria Pesaro in Milan in 1920, the Galleria d’Arte Moderna will pay homage to the Piedmont-native artist with a novel, unprecedented solo show.

The GAM is proud of housing not only his absolute masterpiece, Il Quarto Stato [The Fourth Estate], but also other works that exemplify the painter’s artistic path perfectly.

Curators Aurora Scotti and Paola Zatti have devised a showcase of approximately sixty works, including paintings and drawings on loan from Italian and foreign public and private collections. The exhibition will be set up in the halls on the ground floor of Villa Reale, which are generally reserved to temporary exhibits, and in the hall specifically devoted to Il Quarto Stato on the first floor of the museum, where the masterpiece has been recently reinstated.

The exhibition path will cover the entire artistic experience of Pellizza da Volpedo, from his early years to his approach to Divisionism, in a dialogue shared with other great interpreters (from Previati to Grubicy, Segantini, Morbelli) and experimenters of a technique that would leave an indelible legacy to the following generation, in particular the Futurist avant-garde.


Curated by Aurora Scotti and Paola Zatti

Chaïm Soutine – Una retrospettiva 

Palazzo Reale - From September, 2025 to January, 2026

The very first exhibition in Italy dedicated to Chaim Soutine (Belarus 1893 - Paris 1943), one of the most emotional and intense artists of the 20th century.

Poor, Jewish in an adverse environment, psychologically disturbed: Soutine's story is touching as his works, steeped in pain and so powerful that they influenced so many artists including Bacon. His portraits are shocking, his still lifes are a universe of blood and heartbreak.

Palazzo Reale and Arthemisia present the first retrospective of this relatively recently discovered artist who is winning over audiences worldwide.


Curated by Simonetta Fraquelli with Francesca Villanti


Press Office: Arthemisia - Salvatore Macaluso | sam@arthemisia.it - press@arthemisia.it

Dalí e la moda

Palazzo Reale - From September, 2025 to January, 2026

Dalí's genius combines rapidly evolving expressions of his artistic sensibility and an experimental engagement with new art forms.

The exhibition has the collaboration and support of the ones of most prestigious international museum institutions and seeks to explore the most intimate and intense aspects of the artist's creative process, where fashion and art nurture an ever-evolving form of expression.

Fashion is perhaps one of the least familiar fields in which Dalí embodied his artistic universe. Yet, fashion is one of the artist's most prolific contributions at all stages of his career.

This is a unique opportunity to admire and gain insight into Salvador Dalí's astonishing complexity and in part his work as an eclectic genius.


Curated by Laura Bartolomé Roviras and Judith Clark


Press Office: CLP Anna De Francesco anna.defrancesco@clp1968.it

Napoleone a Milano. Appiani e i percorsi del mito

Palazzo Reale - Autumn 2025

With the two epic Campaigns in the peninsula and the coronation as King of Italy, Napoleon’s story intertwines with the story of Milan and the Royal Palace.  

The exhibition focuses on the artistic testimonies, created by various artists, narrating the historical path of Bonaparte, through myth and allegory. 

From the work of these artists also emerges an interesting image of Milan: a bustling cultural center that can be rightfully considered the workshop of Italian Neoclassicism. 

The myth of Napoleon survives in the collective imagination of the twentieth century with the first cinematographic experiments. From the Lumiere brothers to Abel Gance, cinema continues to reflect on the legendary and enigmatic figure of Bonaparte and on the fascination he still exerts on contemporary audiences.   

The exhibition, in collaboration with Malmaison and Réunion des Musées Nationaux, will see a first stop in Paris and then be declined in Milan with particular attention to the works created for the Royal Palace.


Curated by Fernando Mazzocca, Domenico Piraina, Claudio Salsi, Mariangela Privitera, Stefano Zuffi and Anna Maria Massinelli

Leonora Carrington 

Palazzo Reale - From October, 2025 to February, 2026

This exhibition, the first solo show dedicated to her work in Italy, aims to present her as a total artist and illuminate her artistic universe and intellectual persona through her visionary and diverse creations.

The exhibition will have a strong emphasis on Carrington´s lifetime relationship with Italy beginning with her discovery of Italian art in Florence as a teenager and exploring her post-Victorian and Celtic origins and her affiliation with Surrealism.

Together with these key moments in her life, the proposal is divided in various themes that touch upon Carrington as a woman artist, a migrant, an exile, a mother, an avant-garde feminist, ecologist, and an artist that spent her life as a perpetual traveller through other worlds and dimensions in a permanent pursuit of self-knowledge.

The exhibition includes not only the paintings but also photographs, books from his personal library and archival material.


Curated by Tere Arcq

New Art from Contemporary India 

PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea - From November, 2025 to January, 2026

Neither New Age atmosphere nor exotic divinities or seductive Bollywood stars for the new PAC collective project dedicated to world cultures through the gaze of contemporary artists.

The exhibition will present that wave of experimentation and research that has hit contemporary Indian art in all its expressive forms. The result of a long and articulated research work carried out by Raqs media collective, who are also the curators of the project, the exhibition aims at immortalizing, as if in a snapshot, different generations of artists who deal with painting, photography, sculpture, installation, web art and cinema.

An insight into art and life in current India, starting from the bottom, from the streets – both allegorical and otherwise –, along paths crossed by migratory flows and information highways; connection (and fracture) between rural reality and technological innovation.


Curated by Raqs Media Collective


Press Office: PCM Studio by Paola C. Manfredi press@paolamanfredi.com


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